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Weekly Horoscope: June 5-11, 2023

Venus in dramatic Leo steals the show this week, setting the stage for a dazzling Summer of Love (plus all things good and beautiful) to come.

On Monday, the love goddess planet begins to strut her stuff, moving from shy, demure Cancer into glam diva Leo. Our aesthetic goes from chaste to bombshell, with plenty of bright, in-your-face colours and be-sequined dazzle. Romance gets the star treatment, too, when the ultra-ardent Lion reigns.

Each year, this transit ups the glam and drama. Exceptionally, this year Venus’ first sashay takes it to the max. It first opposes Pluto, making the lure of the forbidden or dangerous liaison hard to resist. Still in an air sign, the demi-planet can help us detach and apply level-headed reasoning, quenching any out-of-control fires. Trust issues can arise, but perhaps not a bad thing. The thing is to find the right balance between privacy and secrecy, revelation and oversharing.

For everyone, this is a good week to think about protecting important data. And do an audit of what you share on social media.

Venus in Leo can be excessive in love and life, especially when it comes to spending on luxury goods. Lock up the credit cards on the weekend, as she will square off with Jupiter in bottom-line Taurus. Keeping up with the Joneses (or any impractical ideal of beauty, décor, whatever) can become an obsession and lead to impulse decisions. Making it a bad time to commit to plastic surgery or a major home reno. This one can also make folks just plain selfish and impossible to please.

Exceptionally, this year Venus’ stay in this passionate sign is extended to October 8, making it an extra-long, four-month run. Expect max enjoyment until July 22, after which the planet will be retrograde, leading to major stall or rethinking of everything set in motion since this week.

We can get some work done, too, this week. On Monday and Tuesday, the Moon is in strategic and ambitious Capricorn. The Venus-Pluto opposition can bring power struggles, but his level-headed lunar placement gives us the tenacity to see them through.

Luna shifts to Aquarius on Wednesday, June 7, fanning the flames of Venus’ contentious aspects. It can be a make-or-break kind of day for relationships. Small issues can be easily blown out of proportion, so if possible try to postpone anything that involves teamwork and cooperation until Friday.

Because on Friday, Venus’ day, the Moon enters the tranquil waters of Pisces. Communicator Mercury also forms nice aspect with empathic Neptune, helping us to talk things out. And use non-verbal means to get our point across.

The trend continues into Saturday. But big changes are afoot on Sunday. Mercury will leave Taurus’ staid pasture for active Gemini, its home turf, through June 26. A light and breezy note permeates our communications and social life. Good (and not so) conversation will abound, and pace of incoming info will accelerate. Set up a screening system beforehand. Nd if you have a message to get out there, this one can help us be more spontaneous and willing to just put it out there.

On the same day, power-player Pluto slips out of Aquarius and takes one of its two final forays into Capricorn before leaving the Sea Goat behind in late 2024. Until October 10, it demands a deep revisit of our financial bottom line and overall support structures.

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