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Weekly Horoscope: June 3-9, 2024

Two heads (and hearts) are better than one! Mercury wings its way into mentally active Gemini in advance of a New Moon in that sign, ushering in a season of connecting and communicating.


On Monday, the winged messenger touches down in Gemini, where it will stay until the 17th. This turns up the volume on brainstorms and communications of all kinds. For the next two weeks, even the most mundane conversation can be peppered with witty repartee. Social media posts can sparkle, making it a great time to generate some buzz for your ambitions or a special project … or two (it is the sign of the Twins!).


Our brains tend to crave new and varied input under this influence. Which sends us into unexplored territory on our feeds or at the library. We’ll also want an all-access transit pass, or a new bike or car, anything that makes us more mobile during the everyday routine.


No one will need any urging to speak up on Tuesday, as Mercury teams up with effusive Jupiter and insightful Pluto early in the day. This is a banner day for making new plans and setting a fresh agenda. Fortunately, the Moon is in stable Taurus, helping us to keep one toe in reality as we indulge in flights of fancy.


As well, the Sun conjoins love goddess Venus, an annual rendezvous that this year has more significance. The planet is said to be “in the heart of the Sun” and begins a new long-term cycle with far-reaching impact on relationships of all kinds, and our finances. Intelligence is what is attractive and attracting now. It’s in the sign of friendship, so expanding and/or upgrading our circle can happen and quickly.


Wednesday, June 5, sees the Moon join the Gemini party. This helps continue what was started yesterday, as it makes very favourable alliances with first Pluto (depth, insight) , then Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) and Mercury (thinking, communicating) later in the day. Make sure to share feelings as well as the myriad ideas coming your way now.


A fresh cycle begins on Thursday at 8:38 am EDT with a New Moon in Gemini. Such lunations can open new doorways in our lives, and this one unites with Venus, putting relationships and feelings at the forefront of our thoughts and lives. It is not all sweetness and light, though. The conjunction squares off with stern Saturn in Pisces, a water sign that can throw a wet blanket on the Gemini blithe spirit. And act like a strict parent demanding that your prove your love or value. And although this can mean delays, challenges and even frustration in our relationships, finances or creativity, it also can help us to slow down and build something more sustainable.


The weekend outlook is a bit of a downer. Friday is overshadowed by the Venus-Saturn square that perfects near dawn the next day. Social plans may fizzle, and people appear aloof or overwhelmed.  By Saturday, the Moon will have moved into empathic Cancer, helping us to find some comfort among those we feel closest to.  And Sunday, the Sun plays copycat and squares Saturn, too. This is a good time to take stock of your ambitions and goals. Especially those that are shared with a life or business partner.


Also on Sunday, warrior Mars leaves combative Aries for Taurus’ placid pasture, there to stay until July 20. The red planet energizes areas of our lives associated with the sign it is in. in this case, Taurean things like relationships, beauty, values and money; it also is a pleasure-seeking, luxury-loving sign. Mars here tends to bring out dependable, tenacious and grounded qualities, and helps is get things done and have a long fuse.

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