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Weekly Horoscope: June 22-28, 2020

This week has summer blockbuster written all over it, with trends firing things up, especially when it comes to romance and passion

On Monday, June 22, the Moon in overly sensitive Cancer is content to huddle in its shell through most of the day. But the evening scenario could be clouded by confrontations that leave us feeling vulnerable, and not in a good way.

As well, dream-maker Neptune hits the doldrums, preparing to start its long retrograde motion on Tuesday at 12:31 am ET. This can make us feel a tad disoriented, even spacey. But we have plenty of time—until November 28—to ponder any situations where over-idealism or self-delusion may have clouded our judgement. Carve time in the sched for mindfulness; spiritual insights and healing of old wounds are possible now. So are fresh and inspired creative explorations.

The Moon also is in theatrical and romantic Leo on Tuesday and Wednesday. This playful fire sign can help us shake off any ennui and enjoy the delights of summer. And release the inner child that loves to run through the sprinkler. It’s primetime to spend time with someone you love, whether partner or offspring.

Both romance and creativity get a shot in the arm on Thursday, June 25. After six weeks of backpedalling, love goddess Venus begins to move forward again in spontaneous Gemini. Remember how during its April ingress we all learned to improvise, moving online to communicate, relate and create in new ways? Expect a second wave of the good stuff to gradually get in gear when it comes to relationships, self-esteem and finances.

The Moon shifts into industrious Virgo on Friday, a day when we can cross a lot off the to-do list if we follow our instincts. New connections can help us find creative solutions. It’s still there for most of the next day, before shifting to diplomatic Libra at 4:17 pm ET.

In the evening hours of Saturday, June 27, Mars charges into its home sign of Aries. This arms the warrior planet with maximum firepower, which it will retain until the end of the year. We can use it to ignite new actions and fearlessly take the initiative. While Mars was in Pisces, we may have dithered of become unfocused. Now in the straight-shooting sign of the Ram, we are assertive and sure of our goals. And much more likely to take a risk or two.

The downside: we and the folks we encounter can also find the fuse is very short. Tempers and self-interest can run amok. It’s important to not let a bid for greater freedom overshadow concern for the greater good.

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