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Weekly Horoscope: June 20-26, 2022

Just let it flow! The planets provide a steady stream of positive aspects. Surf the wave of optimism and sense of adventure, enjoy times of togetherness and a little good luck as well!

Monday gets it all off to a great start with the Moon in empathic and heart-centred Pisces. It makes wonderful aspects to other planets, including love-goddess Venus. It’s a great day to seek higher connections. As well, a vital sextile between Mercury (mental processes) and Jupiter (expansion and optimism) helps us to make inspired decisions and plans. Also a great day for negotiating, networking, going on interviews….and cherchez-ing l’amour.

The good vibes roll on into Tuesday, the day of the summer solstice. At 5:14 am ET, sol enters the warm embrace of Cancer. On the same day, the Moon has moved on to Aries and encounters ebullient Jupiter. Which blasts us out of our shells and ramps up the self-confidence and can-do spirit. Venus trining Pluto helps us to make or deepen soul connections.

With the Sun in Cancer for the next 4 weeks, the focus shifts to nurturing body and soul, and nesting instincts take over. It’s a good time to audit our homes and tweak to make it more like a haven. And carve out more time for nurturing friends and family—and a little more self care, too.

The longest day of sunlight is also a powerful time of inner illumination. What deep desires and longings need to be cultivated and cared for now?

On Wednesday, June 22, charming and sociable Venus shifts into amiable Gemini. Variety is the spice of relationships and gatherings with an added dash of lively verbal interaction. Mental rapport is the strongest aphrodisiac now, and spontaneous meetings and get-togethers are also on the menu. And until July 17, when it leaves the sign, we get ample opportunity to explore how better communications in all relationships. Some of us will get a reminder that friends can be more supportive than family.

Speaking of spontaneity, by Friday the Moon has entered stabilizing Taurus. But right around the drive home and dinner hour, it encounters shocking Uranus. It’s best to keep evening plans flexible, and have a plan B or C on hand.

Saturn Day (Saturday) gets off to a glum start with Luna now tangling with the aforementioned planet. This aspect can also help us get focused and check a lot of items off the chore chart. And things grow progressively brigher as the day wears on. By dinner time, the Moon has shifted to Gemini. Sunday is a wonderful time for pure enjoyment. Helpful aspects to Venus and Jupiter help us to let the good times roll. If you didn’t get a chance to take full advantage of this week’s social and romantic opportunities, you can make up for it that day!

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