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Weekly Horoscope: June 14-20, 2021

Breakthrough or breakdown? We may experience a little of both in a week that begins with a life-altering planetary combo.

On Monday, June 14, the planets Uranus and Saturn form the second of three square aspects; the final one is slated for December 24. The first of what is considered the defining aspect of 2021 occurred on Februa

ry 17. Quite simply, we are all challenged to create a new reality, which likely requires the tearing down of established ways of doing things. Or of institutions we once could rely on.

Collectively, it’s time to take a big step forward towards working together and overcoming differences. This time around the dwarf planet Ceres, the Earth Mother, conjoins Uranus. Perhaps the kinder, gentler G7 meeting which called for more cooperation on climate change and vaccination is a manifestation of this spirit.

On an individual level, this is an excellent time to rethink our modus operandi. Uranus in Taurus tempts us to stubbornly stick to the tried-and-true, the way we always did things. Then, when frustration mounts because its not working out, throw out the baby with the bathwater. Better plan: Weed out what is truly outmoded and write a new, innovative playbook.

The mood lightens on Tuesday, with a playful Moon in Leo making nice with the ludic Sun in Gemini. It goes void of course after lunch, making it a good day to take it easy and/or catch up. On Hump Day, the Moon is in industrious Virgo making it easy to keep the nose to the grindstone. But with the Sun making an uncomfortable aspect to implacable Pluto, frustration can rise due to imposed restrictions.

We may want to take a beach day or in some other way escape the everyday grind on Thursday, June 17. With the Moon in health-conscious Virgo opposing Neptune, a selfcare break is the best way of using this energy.

A shift occurs on Friday, with the Moon in relationship-minded Libra. Dating and social life moves to the top of the agenda. By evening, an unpredictable Sun-Uranus semisquare aspect could monkey-wrench some plans. It’s best to keep a Plan B on hand. It’s mostly a go for a barbecue or other party on Saturday, though, a day that is also good for networking and reconnecting.

On Sunday, June 20, expansive Jupiter hits the brakes and prepares to go into retrograde motion. Until October 18, the flow of abundance and compassion Jupiter in Pisces brings slows. It will retreat into Aquarius late July. Both of these signs are big on imagination and vision: Pisces leads with the heart and soul, Aquarius the mind and higher mind.

With Jupiter still in a mutable sign, clear answers may be hard to come by. But don’t ignore the whispers of your intuition. The greatest gifts during this time are found during inner exploration. Which means devoting more time to the inner journey through yoga, t’ai chi, meditation and the like could pay off in ways you don’t expect. Follow your (day) dreams!

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