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Weekly Horoscope: June 13-19, 2022

We hit the road running (literally or figuratively) this Full Moon week, and the summer social season shifts into high gear.

The week dawns with the Moon in free-ranging and restless Sagittarius on Monday. Along the way, it teams up with let’s-go Mars and more-please Jupiter, both in impulsive Aries. And mid-day, Mercury zips into its home sign of Gemini. We’re more mobile and mentally nimble in the coming weeks, and ready to mingle with friends old and new. Social circles widen exponentially, with an emphasis on spontaneity and an eclectic mix.

Where are we really going? becomes the big question on Tuesday, though. The Sagittarius Full Moon at 7:52 am ET sparks extreme wanderlust and a yearning for a bigger, brighter future. It’s the perfect time to hit the hammock and dream big, bigger, biggest!

The next week could bring exciting explorations, real or metaphorical. The trouble is, the lunation squares nebulous, idealistic Neptune—a wonderful aspect for mystics, artists and dreamers, not so much for people who must live in the real world. Watch out for a tendency to believe only the good in any person or situation, and to not only build but want to live in castles in the air.

All of which can leave us confused or frustrated. Fortunately, reality-minded Saturn is forming helpful aspects and providing a stabilizing force. It is retrograde, so we may have to dig deeper to find the practical means to make our dreams come true. Or take a few steps back to find the way forward. A method or person from the past could put our feet on the right path.

The Moon has shifted into ambitious Capricorn on Wednesday, June 15. It clashes with both Jupiter and Mars so our efforts to get back to work could be thwarted by temperamental outbursts. Egos are easily bruised, and feathers ruffled. By evening, though, we’re able to find some balance.

The next day, the Sun makes nice with stabilizing Saturn, helping us get back on track. As well, the Moon conjuncts power-monger Pluto while trining logistics-minded Mercury and sociable Venus. Fences can be easily mended.

We swerve into the fast lane on Friday under Luna in Aquarius. we can get a lot off our plate to prepare for the weekend. But a Moon-Uranus square in the evening could monkey-wrench best laid plans.

Relationship woes cloud the horizon on Saturday, June 18. Venus in possessive and conventional Taurus is squared by Saturn in freedom-loving Aquarius. We may have to (re)negotiate issues of how much “me” time is appropriate in a close relationship. And while it’s good to face reality, try to not be too harsh or pessimistic.

Things lighten considerably up for Sunday, Father’s Day. A Moon in sentimental Pisces helps us express our feelings. And because Venus has moved on to align with Neptune, we can focus on what’s really working in all our relationships. We easily show our affection and appreciation to everyone we care about. And romance is in full bloom.

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