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Weekly Horoscope: July 6-12, 2020

Mars continues to crank up the heat this week. And with retrograde Mercury involved, words can wound or hit the wrong target.

The week beings with the Moon in detached and tech-minded Aquarius. Schedule those Zoom calls for the Monday or Tuesday, as this is a good placement fo connecting at a distance. It may be hard to relax or remain objective late Monday evening, though, as luna squares off with disruptor Taurus.

Tension builds as we approach a Mercury-Mars square at 6:42 am ET on Wednesday, July 8. The warrior planet is in take-no-prisoners Aries, unleashing self-interested aggression. Mercury is in overly sensitive, emotional Cancer—which adds up to a lot of hurt feelings all around. As well, Mars in Aries has no impulse control, while this Mercury placement tend to follow the wrong impulse.

This is not the week to negotiate a new contract or agreement. Tempers are on a hair trigger, so when we feel a situation arising that could lead to an argument, it’s best to just walk away. That way, we avoid pitched battles or road rage, and live to make our point/stand our ground another day.

That same day, Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn. We now have to revisit some of the important lessons learned earlier in the year. And begin to take steps to restructure our lives for the new reality coming in 2021.

The Moon enters compassionate Pisces on Thursday. For the next two days, mostly balmy aspects prevail, helping us regain our emotional composure. Friday’s scenario is particularly positive, with a series of helpful sextiles. This can be a day when the Law of Attraction is wields instant, happy results.

The Moon moves into impatient Aries on Saturday, July 11. It could stir up fiery feelings again just as Mercury is at a standstill. So another day to avoid snap decisions or shooting from the lip.

Sunday, July 12, Mercury finally resumes forward motion. Expect gradual improvement in communications and travel in the days ahead. We can stop reviewing important moves and agreements and beging to think about signing. Ingenious solutions to technical problems can also be found. But it’s best to wait until after the 20th, when the winged planet finally clears its shadow period.

Also on Sunday, a beautiful Sun-Neptune aspect increases compassion and empathy. It’s a good day to spend in contemplation or devotion to a spiritual practice. Or to give back, either through volunteer work or writing a cheque to a charity. Also favoured are beauty and creativity, making it an excellent day to hit the salon, or art or dance studio.

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