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Weekly Horoscope: July 5-11, 2021

Excitement is in the air as we hit home stretch to Friday’s New Moon, which can help bring an important refocusing on caring and sharing.

The week begins on a confusing note. On Tuesday, inquisitive Mercury’s usually sharp faculties are dulled by an encounter with nebulous Neptune. The more we try to impose some kind of logic or order to our thoughts and communications, the more muddled things can become.

Adding to the confusion is a disheartening opposition between Venus in uber-romantic Leo and Saturn, now in the detached and aloof sign of Aquarius. Time to take a pause and reflect give and take, and perhaps correcting the balance in a relationship, personal or professional. Are your investments of love or resources wise ones? You could find out now.

And it’s best to not let things slide now. Because by Thursday, July 8, the love goddess planet has moved on to form a charged 90-degree aspect to erratic Uranus. This aspect happens twice a year, upping the passion ante each time. Exceptionally this year, it follows the opposition to Saturn.

More than ever, we’re tempted to toss the rule book when it comes to relationships. And perhaps jettison the baby with the bathwater. Besides fireworks in the boudoir, this can also bring a “now or never” kind of fever towards whatever our hearts desire, from designer shoes to a new career.

Friday, July 9, at 9:17 pm EDT the New Moon in Cancer sets a new, sensitively attuned and empathic agenda. Luna is most at home in this sign, inviting us to take the plunge into the sea of feeling. Playing out against a backdrop of relationship shakeup, it brings us home (Cancer’s fave place) to what is really important.

This sign is also the zodiac’s nurturer. The coming month is primetime when it comes to taking care of those near and dear. And don’t forget to include numero uno in the mix. Surround yourself with supportive people and do some weeding with those who drain your energy. Bring on the backyard barbecue, cottage stay or safe travels like a weekend trip to a seaside spa.

The soul-restoring necessity of some sort of getaway is emphasized by this lunation’s favourable aspects to both Uranus and Neptune. Intuition is the key now. If we trust our guts and let intuition be our guides, magical things are possible. This could include during other dimensions via meditation, shamanic work or other spiritual practice. Or creative works that are nothing short of inspired.

On Sunday, July 11, messenger Mercury also dips a toe into Cancer. For the past 10 weeks, the planet of communication and cognition has been in multitasking Gemini. Busy-ness has gone off the charts in a frenzy to reconnect. Now, it’s all about deeper connections, especially with family and those who are like, and caring actions speak much, much louder than words.

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