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Weekly Horoscope: July 3-9, 2023

Although kicking off with a sobering Full Moon, this week offers ample opportunities for inspiration and connection.

On Monday at 7:39 am ET, a supermoon Full Moon in Capricorn culminates. Cancer season is usually all about the feels, but this lunation gives us pause. We might think back to when the Sun was in this ambitious, goal-oriented sign, around New Year’s. With both Mercury and Jupiter involved, it’s a great time to rethink or re-vision your goals, especially when it comes to career.

Personal note: yesterday I found myself revisiting my vision board and feeling it needed a total refresh. With Venus (creativity) also being sparked by Uranus (inventiveness, technology), I found a new online program with which to collage one. And new and exciting images just seemed to pop up with every search!

Tuesday is Independence Day in the US. We may feel chained by obligations, though, early in the day. And around lunchtime, the Moon collides with Pluto, a time when faceoffs with those in charge are likely unless we apply a great deal of finesse. Things ease when Luna shifts into Aquarius shortly after.

Hump Day could bring up some hurt feelings as Mercury in touchy Cancer squares off with Chiron in feisty Aries. It’s best to think before we speak, lest we inadvertently step on tender toes. Verbal spats are likely, but quickly blow over

The shoot-from-the-lip trend continues on Thursday, July 6. At the same time, go-getter Mars in Leo is bodychecked by a quincunx to enervating Neptune. We may long for another day off, just not wanting to deal with anything or anyone.

We get the wind back in our sails on Friday, a highly productive day. Mercury sextile Uranus helps us to quickly and inventively smooth over the week’s upsets. And the Moon in Pisces meets helpful allies all day, buoying our mood and sending us into the weekend with a sunny outlook.

Luna continues to loll in the sign of the Fish on Saturday. It’s an optimal time to get away to a beach or spa, or to spend more time in the deep waters of our subconscious. The trend continues into Sunday, but with the Moon’s shift into dynamic Aries, we’ll also be for outdoor adventure, plus some spontaneous socializing and creative projects.

Because on that day, mental Mercury in empathic Cancer trines psychic Neptune. Intuition is heightened to the nth degree and proves a sure guide if we care to listen. We can use the energy to spend more time meditating or exploring creative channels. Or to help us active listening to resolve a relationship stalemate.

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