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Weekly Horoscope: July 18-24, 2022

Get ready to roar! And claim your royal right as two planets enter the regal sign of the Lion this week.

We begin on an active if conflicted note on Monday. The Moon enters forceful, me-first Aries just as Mercury is spending its last day in overly sensitive Cancer. Fortune favours the bold, even if we are uncertain and cranky about it.

Great communicator Mercury enters showy Leo at 8:34 am ET on Tuesday, shifting the focus to loud and proud. Creative thinking and speaking from the heart are favoured for the next two weeks. Time to make a strong statement! Think theatrical flair to emphasize your message and inject personal stories. And give the concept of branding a revisit with an eye to upping your impact.

On the same day, Chiron the “wounded healer” turns retrograde. Some of us may have to examine personal power issues in our healing journies.

Wednesday’s scenario begins on a feisty note, as Luna in Aries forms contentious aspects with other planets, including power-monger Pluto. Relief comes early afternoon when it enters placid and grounded Taurus. It connects with both Mercury and love-goddess Venus, making communications with loved ones a satisfying outlet.

Nose to the grindstone or make an escape? We may have trouble doing either on Thursday, July 21. We also may have trouble balancing idealism with reality, due to a tense aspect between Jupiter and Saturn.

Friday gets off to a hardworking start. We’re hyper focused on the task at hand and willing to give social obligations a backseat. But midday, Luna aspects escapist Neptune, helping us to get into an easygoing early weekend flow. And at 4:07 pm ET, the Sun moves into the sign of its glory, Leo. Until August 22, ‘tis the season for la vida glam, romantic and creative. It’s also time to recreate to re-create, tapping into the inner inventive child. And to know that playtime can be an investment in a rejuvenated self.

The weekend outlook is guided by social butterfly Gemini. On Saturday, Jupiter and Mercury comingle, bringing grandiose ideas. And may fire some spontaneous invites, we’ll be restless and on the move but also ready to talk. Some enlightening exchanges could result.

Sunday is more subdued. Venus makes an irritable aspect with party-pooper Saturn most of the day. But by evening, the planet of love, socializing and good times is goaded into action by over-the-top Jupiter. And then nothing succeeds like excess.

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