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Weekly Horoscope: July 17-23, 2023

Caring and sharing tops the agenda in a week that kicks off with an “all the feels and then some” New Moon in Cancer, initiating a new cycle of inspiration and creativity as well.

On Monday at 2:32 pm ET, the above lunation urges us to have a care—for both the people around us and our own needs. We might find ourselves wanting to pull into our shells, preferring the comfort of our own backyards rather than far-off destinations. Feeling the need for a décor refresh? It could be an indication that something inside you has shifted as well. TLC--given and received--becomes precious.

All New Moons are about starting a new cycle. This one coincides with the lunar nodes shifting into the Aries-Libra axis. For the next 18 months, “my space or yours” becomes the big question. Maybe your SO is too demanding of your time and energy. Or though you could go it alone, it would be nice to have someone who supports your dreams. Relationships, close and not so, will be front and centre as we all strive greater connection. But how much individuality are you willing to sacrifice, if any?

The lunation also opposes Pluto, newly retrograded back into Capricorn. This could be the time we put an end to something, a chapter of life, relationship, bad habit. And this aspect would suggest it might be profound and dramatic. Fortunately, Neptune is also sending soothing vibes to make any transition a smooth one. It can help bring an inner knowingness that everything is unfolding as it should. As well, inventive Uranus, which supports change for the higher good and that lead to greater fulfilment and freedom, is also in the mix.

All to say, we’re beginning a very potent cycle for creativity, healing and growth. Quantum leaps are not out of the question!

A testy and opinionated Mercury-Jupiter square also falls on that day, the effects of which could carry over into Tuesday. The Moon, now in theatrical Leo, goads everyone to want to get into the act. Things calm down on Wednesday when it’s easier find cooperation.

On Thursday, July 20, the Sun in Cancer makes a flowing trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces. It’s a good day to go with the flow and the feels. We can easily feel content with ourselves and others, and have compassion towards those who ordinarily would irritate us.

By afternoon, the Moon shifts into industrious Virgo. We’re less concerned with feelings, more with efficiency and accuracy. However, a Mars-Saturn opposition on the same day can mean an Inbox full of “got-tos.” And we may also feel frustrated and like there’s not enough gas in the tank to get everything done. Or, an important dream might need a reality check.

Friday is a good day to work from home and screen all communications. The Sun in tender Cancer opposes power-monger Pluto, The atmosphere is full of confrontations and mistrust. It’s best to set up boundaries, hoe your own row and wait for sunnier times.

Another big shift occurs on Saturday, as the Sun begins to radiate grand Leo energy. Each year when Sol struts into this luxury-loving sign, we get the urge to live out loud. And get the kind of confidence boost that can help us up our game. Maybe it’s time to re-brand with an eye to becoming a star in your own field And is there still romance in your soul? Got the urge to try something creative? The Lion loves it all, plus knows how to take it easy and just enjoy la dolce vita.

This year, though, Venus in the same sign turns retrograde on the same day. All the shining progress the planet of love, beauty and romance has helped us achieve over the past two months may falter. But then, Leo is such an over-the-top sign, maybe a cooling down period is not such a bad thing. Until September 3, it's a good time to reassess your love life—your prime relationship if you’re in one, but also the things that mean a lot to you. What do you really love and value? Also, think about what you want to attract and how are the finances are doing. And make some changes if you need to.

Many people find lovers and other folks from the past reach out during these periods. Or they feel like initiating such contact themselves. Venus retrograde periods are not good for making drastic changes to our appearance, including plastic surgery.

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