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Weekly Horoscope: July 12-18, 2021

Let’s get this barbecue started! A high-energy summer mood prevails, high spirits (and some hijinks) on tap.

The week kicks off with the Moon in exuberant and demonstrative Leo. It meets up with both Venus and Mars in the same sign, both joyfully carousing in a conjunction that is exact on Tuesday morning.

This fires a tremendous amount of energy in the areas Leo loves best: romance, creativity, children, to name a few. Also recreation, or re-creation, as in indulging in activities that refresh the mind and soul. Or getting an upscale, even glam makeover. Communicator Mercury makes a flowing trine to Jupiter, adding an ability to easily and joyfully express our most heartfelt activities.

A conscientious Moon in Virgo helps us get back to business on Wednesday, July 14. We’re able to tie off any loose ends from previous downtime. Usually, this placement can also bring a tendency to over-analyze and worry. Thankfully, the Sun in sentimental homebody Cancer makes a good aspect to go-with-the-flow Neptune, which helps us to let go of any negativity.

Luna wends her way into relationship-minded Libra on Thursday morning. It’s all about one-on-one meetings and reconnecting. But as Venus is making a jarring aspect to Neptune, there may be hidden agendas (our own or others’). A great deal of compromise is needed to get all needs met.

On Saturday, July 17, we may find impossible to sidestep confronting problems in our relationships. The Moon comes under fire from many quarters before entering profound Scorpio waters. The Sun in Cancer is also opposing power-monger Pluto in Capricorn. We may have to take a deep dive into our issues surrounding control. Old fears and patterns may have to be transformed in order to progress.

Passions are off the chart, a good thing in the boudoir. But the Sun here can make us tend to take things very, very personally. And Pluto suggests a bigger-picture view is needed for balance. To avoid: obsessing about feelings like anger or jealousy; they’re likely exaggerated out of proportion now.

At the same time, Mars makes an enervating quincunx to nebulous Neptune, exact on Sunday. The best strategy may be to head for the cottage or hit the hammock Recharge the batteries for a more dynamic week ahead.

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