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Weekly Horoscope: July 11-17, 2022

This Full Moon week shines a light on work-balance and other issues where we need to balance the needs of the heart with those of our ambitions.

Monday kicks off with the Moon in free-ranging Sagittarius—just when we have to get back to work! By evening, though, it aspects both dreamy Neptune and pleasure-seeking Venus, so we may reward ourselves with dinner and drinks on a nice terrace somewhere. Or some summer binge-watching.

By Tuesday, the Moon has moved into strategic and industrious Capricorn, in advance of tomorrow’s lunation. A free-flowing trine to results-oriented Mars in Taurus makes it easy to clear the Inbox along with long-standing tasks. But later, a square to restless, impatient Jupiter in Aries goads us to go too far, too fast. Pull back and take the long view. And careful on the road!

The Full Supermoon culminates on Wednesday, July 13, at 2:38 pm ET. In Capricorn, it shines a light on our highest ambitions and what we’re doing to achieve them. Need a hint? Look back to goals set around the January 2, 2022 New Moon. Bonus: this lunation nicely aspects the lunar nodes, indicating that what comes to light now could help us embrace a Big-Picture approach that will have more positive and far-reaching ramifications than we anticipate.

Luna opposes the Sun snuggled up to Mercury, both in feelings-driven Cancer. We’re reminded of the importance of clear communication skills. To never assume the other knows what we’re thinking or feeling. And Uranus offers an assist in creative thinking and innovative new ways of making a point. And to perhaps detach from an unhealthy habit of seeking others’ approval to validate our thoughts and views.

The Moon moves on to progressive Aquarius on Thursday. A clash with Mars in the early afternoon can bring battles of wills where higher ideals clash with practical realities. With both in fixed signs, flexibility is key to resolving disputes.

The weekend outlook is astrologically fair. On Saturday, we may feel like wanting to do anything but cross things off the to-do list. The Moon is in take-it-easy-and-drift Pisces and help us enjoy the flow with family and friends.

Love-goddess Venus gets cozy with sentimental Cancer this Sunday, July 17. Our summer of love will take on a sweeter, kinder gentler note. Between now and August 11, couples will crave more “just us” time, the closer to home the better. And those looking for love will prioritize the one who just feels right. With everyone we care about, we’ll feel more free to express our feelings by extending a little TLC. Little gestures that show you care mean a lot going forward.

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