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Weekly Horoscope: July 10-16, 2023

Planets on the move! Mars’ shift will help us focus and organize while Mercury takes on new swagger.

On Monday, Mars heads into Virgo where it will remain until August 27. Mars is the planet of putting the hammer down, and is now in a sign that urges it to use restraint and discernment. We’re also better able to put our things in order, literally and figuratively, and put in new and more efficient systems. Being of help to those around us also will grow importance.

The downside: any workaholic tendencies might be exacerbated. And sometimes helping too much can come across as critical and interfering.

Mercury the next day enters the sign Mars is leaving, Leo, where it joins Venus. This being a creative sign, we can all find our words and writings taking on new flair. And we won’t be shy when it comes to expressing ourselves!

This is a good time to schedule important pitches or presentations; think confident and inspired. Just remember to come from the heart. And don’t dally as the winged messenger is moving swiftly and by the 28th will zip into the next sign.

On Wednesday, July 12, the Moon is in sensual Taurus, goaded by Venus in romantic Leo. Usually shy types may find themselves speaking out boldly. And expressions of affection may be exaggerated as is the desire to indulge in feel-good vibes.

Thursday’s scenario is marked by Luna’s ingress into Mercury-ruled Gemini and expect the mercurial. The day could get off to a bad start as it squares off with confrontational Mars. But by midday, friendlier aspects prevail making for a pleasant day until late afternoon. A lunar square to Saturn could throw a wet blank over social plans or good moods.

Pessimistic thoughts might continue to plague us on Friday. But there is also an inventive and positive Sun-Uranus sextile. We might not be able to voice them right away, but important realizations are possible.

The weekend gets of to an unfocused start, with the Gemini Moon squaring Neptune. It’s a good “stay in the jammies” morning. And with Venus also in uncomfortable aspect to Neptune, there could be a big ball of confusion in relationships. Which, after the Moon enters its home sign early afternoon may affect us deeply.

Fortunately, Luna moves on to make nice with both Mars and Saturn in the evening hours, promising that efforts made to improve matters will be successful and lasting. On Sunday, the only aspect she makes is to ebullient Jupiter, promising an upbeat day spent in the company of loved ones.

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