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Weekly Horoscope: January 9-15, 2023

Almost ready for takeoff! The holding pattern of recent weeks begins to ease this week and we can form helpful alliances.

On Monday, Venus (love and attraction) and Mars (desire and physicality) collude in a one-day harmonious trine aspect. Venus is in innovative Aquarius, helping us to be more open to different kinds of relating. And though Mars is in articulate Gemini, it remains retrograde until Thursday. Which could mean not everything we hear from nice folks will be the truth. Or, we could say something in the heat of passion or the moment that we later will wish we could take back. With Mercury still retrograde, too, snap decisions about any relationship, financial matter or just about anything are not advised. Take it slow and check credentials.

The Moon shifts into practical Virgo on Tuesday, calling us back to more mundane matters. But insecurities about our worth or future might distract. Still, it will give a big assist in setting priorities, and we can cross a lot of tasks off the to-do list. Our confidence in our own abilities and ability to think things through grows later in the day and carries over into Wednesday, a highly productive day.

On Thursday, January 12, action-star Mars FINALLY ends its long retrograde that began last October 30. The feeling of driving with the brake on begins to ease. School is still in, though, as it will stay in the sign of learning and communicating, Gemini, until March 25. Hopefully, we’ve taken recent lessons to heart and are now better able to be truthful in word and deed. And learned the difference between assertiveness and aggression in our communications. To achieve greatest success, we’ll have to rein in impulsiveness, too. Bonus: we’re better able to handle fast-talking salespeople or scammers,

Luna shifts into peace-loving Libra on Friday. This brings more diplomacy and charm into our neighbourhood, and we waltz through conflicts with ease. This is a good time to have constructive conversations, too. With the Capricorn Sun making a sextile to Neptune, it is easier to take the high road and have compassion for others. But Sol also forms a frictional aspect to Mars, which can make some prone to expressing irrational anger.

This weekend, toss the chore list and leave room in the schedule for spontaneity. Pleasure-seeking Venus will make a square with spontaneous Uranus, and we’ll feel hemmed in by any kind of obligation or restriction. And people who won’t take no for an answer will really grate. You need, want and deserve your space! And if you’re feeling bored with your prime relationship, you won’t settle for blah! Still don’t go overboard with the spontaneity lest you veer into reckless abandon.

The mood shifts dramatically on Sunday as the Moon enters deep and introspective Scorpio waters. With most other planets quiescent, we can have a good ponder about recent changes. And tune out the distraction and chatter churned out by both Mars and Mercury in information-maven Gemini. This is a good time to cut through to what is essential and hear the call of your soul.

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