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Weekly Horoscope: January 8-14, 2024

The week gets off to a distracted start, but Thursday’s high-powered New Moon ushers in a highly focused, purposeful and productive cycle.


On Monday, the Moon is in high-minded and gregarious Sagittarius, so it may be hard to keep our attention on mundane tasks. Plus, mental Mercury squares fog-generating Neptune, making our thinking processes anything but clear.


The scattered trend continues into Tuesday morning. Where we can make progress: creative projects and soul-centred conversations. A Sun-Uranus trine also brings out our inventive sides. This is an optimal time to conceive a new goal or find a new setting in which to shine. Come evening, especially, we can also benefit from a stabilizing Mars-Saturn sextile that is both industrious and inspired.


Wednesday, January 10, brings an ambitious Capricorn Moon, somewhat dimmed by being before its new phase. But it finds strong allies along the way in Mars and Jupiter.  This might prompt us to jump into action, buoyed by clarity and confidence. But we’d be wise to wait a day or two.


Because Thursday at 6:57 am ET, the New Moon in grounded earth sign Capricorn brings a major reset. With Mercury in full forward motion, it’s an optimal time to launch New Year’s projects with a lunar lift to give them altitude.  This sign also knows how to organize and strategize.


There is also the energy of wrapping up attached to this lunation, as Pluto is hovering at the powerful final degree of Capricorn. We may now have the willpower to let go of people, possessions or situation we’ve been clinging to needlessly.


A trine to inventive Uranus could put the ability to find creative solutions in overdrive. Take notes of inspired thoughts. Hint: those outside the box or inventing a box of their own have the greatest chance of success. It also semi-squares Saturn, so tangible results may be hard to come by. With Uranus also retrograde, success comes from tapping into Capricorn’s ability to take the long view and patiently waiting for what we desire to materialize over time.  


We can hit the ground running on Friday under a Moon in far-seeing Aquarius. Action-oriented Mars trines optimistic and excessive Jupiter, boosting our confidence and increasing out willingness to take a big leap. Send a resume, make a call or pitch; luck could be on your side. Overconfidence is the only pitfall here; it can lead us to overshoot the mark or have an accident on the road or while walking or working, so easy does it.


A sociable weekend is on hand for those who can be flexible. Luna still abides in sociable Aquarius on Saturday, but squares off with surprising Uranus early in the day. Love goddess Venus also tangles with the erratic planet. In relationships, people can be touchy and it’s best to let them (and yourself) have some space. Be prepared for last-minute cancellations, but improvised arrangements might be more enjoyable in the end.


Sunday dawns with the freedom-seeking trend continuing and the Moon, now in Pisces, colliding with downer Saturn. A melancholic mood will be short-lived though. Luna moves on to make aspects that remind us of Thursday’s new vision and aspirations, and helps us to focus on the future with faith and optimism.




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