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Weekly Horoscope: January 6 - 12, 2020

The second week of a new year is usually anticlimactic, but this one packs astrological punch. It could even change your life!

The week gets off to a smooth start and the “new year, new you” thing appeals greatly. Neptune urges the cautious and industrious Capricorn Sun to chill, so we can dream a little and wonder “what if?” But with reckless Mars quincunx Uranus, we would be wise to not take impulsive actions. And on the road, especially, be wary of those of others.

On Tuesday, January 7, is still relatively calm and following day holds an imaginative Mercury-Neptune sextile. So if you still haven’t set your goals or dreams for 2020, now would be a good time. It could be time for a bigger vision board!

We then enter the home stretch to two monumental events: a Full Moon eclipse and the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that has loomed so largely over our lives for some time. Adding a sense of urgency and that something monumental is happening. Also on Wednesday, Jupiter meets up with the south node. This could shed light on how we might use past patterns to springboard our growth.

The lunar eclipse falls on Friday, January 10, at 2:21 pm ET. Luna in sensitive Cancer bravely faces a gang-up of planets in the opposite sign, Capricorn—the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Which means this Wolf Moon could give us something to howl about! It could be issues that arose in July 2019 solar eclipse we didn’t want to deal with then.

Suppressed emotions around love and acceptance (or the lack thereof) could come to light, along with family or mother issues. Moon in Cancer often brings “motherless child” feelings, abandoned by society and helpless in the face of bigger forces. The current political and meteorological climate, for instance. Can we ever really feel secure and supported? A supportive sextile from Neptune indicates that spiritual guidance and healing are available. We have only to ask.

On Sunday, January 12, the long dreaded Saturn-Pluto conjunction arrives. It does so with some fanfare; after all, they only link up every 35 years or so and this is the first time they have done so in Capricorn since 1518. On a global level, these two planets tangle old structures and realities (Saturn) tend to be destroyed (Pluto). They are in the sign that has to do with the stock market and international banking, and governments and big business in general.

On a personal level, many of us will begin to realize an important turning point, making a commitment to some major change that has been underway since 2017. Saturn has to do with reality, what we’re living. Pluto governs the subconscious world. This is an optimal time to take a good hard look at any destructive or unproductive patterns. More importantly, start to get rid of them. Being in Capricorn, we may have to show we can be responsible and act with integrity. And cultivate resilience and grit in the face of any setbacks.

While this may not be the most lighthearted of weekends, if we choose to put the hammer down, we can begin to forge profound and lasting change in our lives.

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