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Weekly Horoscope: January 22-28, 2024

We encounter some turbulence heading into Thursday’s dramatic Full Moon with sunnier times due by the weekend.


Love takes a serious turn from Tuesday on, as love goddess Venus joins Mars in the sign of Capricorn. Until February 16, it helps us be strategic in setting and achieving relationship goals. Couples may find they want to set dates for a shared future. Singles will be more discerning, preferring those who want meaningful relationships and in it for the long haul. Beyond close rapports, both these planets in the sign of the Goat can impel us to want to upgrade things in our lives, from tangible goods to goals to partners.


On Wednesday, the Moon in Cancer puts “the feels” at the top of our agendas. It makes favourable liaisons with Uranus and Neptune that day, making it easier to get the kind of connection and support we need. Angels can appears, as in unexpected people who offer kindly help if we’re open to it.


The Full Moon on Thursday, January 25, at 12:54 pm shines in dramatic Leo. Where do you need to roar, to boldly express yourself? All may now be abundantly clear. For this lunation involves Jupiter, planet of excess, even bombast. In the sign of Taurus, we may want to put on a big show to attract a new romance or show someone we care. Or to showcase a creative project. We may need to keep in mind that exaggeration can be off-putting, thus counterproductive. And since the lunation occurs just after a Pluto contact, we may need to keep some things under our hats.


The same advice holds on Friday, a day when all of the above may be exaggerated. Saturday is particularly problematic, as ego trips abound, and everyone feels they are in the right. It’s also a time to be mindful of communications, both written and spoken. For with Mercury and Mars conjoining in non-nonsense Capricorn, we may be blunt to the point of hurtful. By afternoon, a Moon in healer Virgo helps us to soothe things over, assisted by Venus in good aspect.


Sunday brings harmonious trends. With the Moon still in the industrious sign of the Virgin, we could catch up on chores. But Venus and Jupiter conspire to create an atmosphere conducive to high enjoyment of a concert or gallery tour, or just hanging out with friends or loved ones. Someone helpful and encouraging could offer advice both practical and inspirational. And in romance, some will discover it is possible to have stability and excitement in the same relationship.


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