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Weekly Horoscope: January 17-23

Release the hounds! Monday’s Full Wolf Moon unleashes a flood of dammed-up emotion, just when Uranus begins to stir things up as well.

On January 17 at 6:48 pm ET, Luna shines bright and full in watery, reactive Cancer. What has her on the defensive: implacable Pluto in Capricorn sitting in opposing aspect. Our fears of a harsh reality and more lockdowns and restrictions may be at odds with our need to feel safe and loved. Both these signs like to look back, so remember President Roosevelt’s famous ‘nothing to fear but fear itself.’

With both Venus and Mercury retrograde, a survey of your personal history can be enlightening and reassuring, too. Focus on the upward trajectory and confront all negative emotions, then jettison what is weighing you down. Review and refine your vision board, perhaps dusting off a past dream. And repair or release any broken relationships.

This Full Moon usually augers a good time to refurbish the nest or bond with those near and dear. With harsh Pluto and the retrogrades, though, it’s tempting to do a major home or relationship makeover. Instead, take note of what’s frustrating you, then err on the side of patience and gentleness when addressing it. Aim for win-win outcomes.

On Tuesday, innovative Uranus ends its five-month retrograde. Still in Taurus, a gradual spirt of practical invention or reinvention will return to our lives in the coming months. The first day could mark some impatience or upset because of a jarring aspect to Mars.

Also happening midweek, the lunar nodes (points in the sky related to eclipses) shift into the Taurus-Scorpio axis for the first time since 2005. These points have a lot to do with destiny, personal and collective. All to say issues of relating, money and resources will be paramount over the next 18 months. Along with issues of power and cooperation.

The Sun helps us reclaim our inner equilibrium on Wednesday as it begins to shine in innovative and future-minded Aquarius. Over the coming month, it can help us recognize and celebrate our own unique gifts. And express our deepest truth in a way that positively impacts the community, local and universal.

Speaking of service, the Moon enters the sign associated with that quality on Thursday. Over the next two days, it makes nice with innovative Uranus and love goddess Venus, all in practical earth signs. This is an optimal time to make solid inroads in a creative project or any endeavour that call for cooperation and ingenuity. Friday adds an extra element of romance, perfect for cherchez-ing l’amour.

On Saturday, January 22, it’s best to tackle the to-do list early on, when the Moon is still in industrious Virgo. She shifts to relationship-minded Libra in the early evening, we’re feeling more social, and cooperation is easier to come by. The Sun conjuncts mental Mercury early on Sunday. This is an optimal day for big-picture thinking. But with the winged messenger still retrograde, it’s best to record our inspired thoughts via some meda for review during a more level-headed period.

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