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Weekly Horoscope: January 13-19, 2020

We get a boost of confidence just as our hearts and minds come on board to helps integrate the monumental change initiated by last Sunday’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

On Monday, January 13, the Sun in Capricorn enters the Saturn-Pluto fray. This can shine a bright light, perhaps bringing an “Aha” moment about what exactly we should be focusing on. For this is the major alignment that ushers in 2020 and is truly a fresh start from Ground Zero.

Saturn represents the status quo, the “same old” way of doing things. And our fall-back position when it comes to preserving our sense of security and what we call reality. Pluto issues an inexorable call for transformation at a deep level, which may involve the eradication of the outworn and outmoded.

Avoidance is not an option. It’s time to lean in and make a commitment.

On the same day, captivating Venus enters ethereal Pisces. This helps affairs of the heart, and all relationships for that matter, go with the flow. For the next four weeks, our compassion and intuition will be heightened. So will our gullibility, so don’t believe every sob story you hear. Creativity or spirituality (or both!) can be the key to staying centred in the moment and feeling one with all. Journaling, anyone?

Another shift occurs on Thursday, January 16, when cerebral Mercury leaves the gloom of Capricorn for far-seeing Aquarius. Brainstorming, either solo or en masse, can lead to innovation. Until February 3, the further outside the box our thinking is, the better. Quantum leaps are not out of the question. And there is no better time to form new networks and collaborations based on creative or humanitarian ideas.

Except that on Friday, Mercury could go out of bounds as it squares Uranus in pragmatic Taurus in the wee hours of the next day. Are our ideas sheer brilliance or downright bizarre? Having to pass a reality checkpoint can be frustrating, but it we hang in a defend our hypothesis good things can happen.

The weekend outlook is calmer and relatively drama-free. On Saturday, the usually angst-ridden Moon in Scorpio makes mainly positive aspects. So if we still have some depth soul-searching, now is the time. Same goes for the passionate side of our relationships. The easy-going trend continues for most of Sunday. AT 5:41 pm ET, Luna enters energetic and optimistic Sagittarius, helping us see the Big Picture and envision our next step.

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