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Weekly Horoscope: January 11-17, 2021

Stop fretting about those 2021 New Years resolutions and failure to launch same. A powerful New Moon mid-week turbocharges fresh starts and gain greater altitude by jettisoning detritus from the past.

Ambitions become the prime focus on Monday, January 11, as Lady Luna enters goal-oriented Capricorn. What is working and what is not? We may be tempted to dwell on the past and what is lost—a mistake, as there is also a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in force that favours forward-thinking. A eureka moment could take you a quantum leap towards a new goal. As soon as Tuesday, we get a reminder that real change takes both time and strategy.

Setting the latter, Capricorn’s specialty, is best accomplished on Wednesday. The New Moon falls at 12 am ET, making that day optimal for setting intentions. And given the sign’s practical bent, not waiting to put the hammer down. On the same day, a harmonious Venus-Uranus aspect indicates that forging new connections with people outside our usual sphere can lead to productive innovations. So signing up for that pop-up online seminar might fill the bill.

Most New Moons set the pace for the next 28 days. This one also has a longer arc that culminates with the Full Moon on June 24, 2021. How can you re-vision your future and create new structures to support them?

Driven Pluto is strongly implicated in this lunation. On the positive side, this one can give us the unflinching focus to tune out all distractions. And purge that which has outstayed its usefulness. Which will be a particular challenge this week, as a Mars, planet of taking action, gets a body check from authoritarian Saturn. With Uranus waking up (more about that below), we might see more outbreaks of protests and violent clashes with authority. On a personal level, the best outlet is hard work which, even though it may not be comfortable, can yield very positive results.

On Thursday, January 14, Uranus in Taurus wakes from a long slumber and begins forward motion. The quirky planet is lodged in this earthy, traditional sign from 2018-2026, an odd coupling that has its drawbacks. However, during the pandemic it has helped us to innovate and adapt quickly, at the same time going back to basics and getting real. And because Taurus also has to do with economic realities, we can now feel more able to cope with them.

The first alliance it forges is with Jupiter, a square aspect that is exact at 5:50 pm ET on Sunday. Because this is a major aspect, its effect can be felt up to 2 weeks prior. Both planets have to do with beliefs, so this one will add more fuel to current raging ideological fires. Jupiter can exaggerate and give a “might makes right” attitude that can take Uranian revolutionary impulse into anarchy and insurrection.

But there is always a positive side to any aspect, and it is up to us to choose wisely. Choose adding light to dwelling on darkness, promoting tolerance and understanding instead of hate and separation, and so on. On a personal level, we could surprise ourselves with our ability to find greater optimism.

The Moon in Pisces on Friday evening and all-day Saturday gives us permission to find healthy escape, like an at-home spa day or binge-watching marathon. If only because the week’s intensity can be tiring. Also favoured are online socializing and creativity of all types.

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