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Weekly Horoscope - February 7-13, 2022

All systems (almost) go! We’re ready to rock as the planets bring a fresh burst of confidence and clarity.

This week provides a foretaste of balmier astrological weather ahead. Starting as soon as early March, the forecast calls for a rapid unleashing of pent-up energy and optimism led by Jupiter. Which is part of a pack of planets that are now all in forward motion for a refreshing change.

Things get off to a great start on Monday with an electrifying conjunction of the Moon with ingenious Uranus, both in Taurus. With easy aspects to both Mars and Venus, the outlook is excellent for innovative actions and relations. Go after your goals with determination and optimism. Focus on expressing the highest and best you have to give.

The drive for greater freedom ramps up on Tuesday, February 8. Action planet Mars forms an alliance with rabble-rousing Uranus. Where will your own personal Freedom Convoy take you? It might be as simple as creating a new system or schedule that makes your life easier (Taurus). Which might involve Warning: your bid won’t win you any support in most quarters. The big (and most important) question” Can you make creative changes in your life while still respecting others’ boundaries and rights?

We downshift on Wednesday, as the Moon leaves Taurus’ turbulent waters for Gemini. This nimble sign helps us to adapt more quickly to changing circumstances. And come up with even more creative solutions. In fact, we could get so revved up we slide off track or overshoot the mark. Fortunately, the next day it forms a stabilizing pact with Saturn, helping us prioritize and make excellent progress. The evening hours, though, are best spent in a mindful or creative practice.

“Change your mind, change your universe,” the old saying goes. This truth will be brought home on Friday, February 11, and down to the foundation at that. Mental Mercury goes into a huddle with depth-minded Pluto. This is their final conjunction in Capricorn for this cycle, the first occurring on December 30 and the second on January 28.

This combination has a way of forcing open the vault and bringing things to light. Which might be secrets or our shadow side. If so, it can also show the way to transforming a negative trait, like a habit of self-sabotage, into a positive. And any changes you choose to make will be permanent, too.

This can also be an excellent time for deep conversations. And negotiating new terms in relationships. The trick is to do it without Plutonian drama, as we tend to overstate our case and/or issue ultimatums.

Home is where the heart is on the weekend, as the Moon lolls is nest-loving Cancer. Pleasant aspects help us to hunker in the bunker for a little TLC, both that which we lavish on others and ourselves. If harsh words were said earlier, all can be mended and forgiven now. But keep it on the down-low and don’t force any issue in the evening when feistier aspects are in force.

Sunday is excellent for declaring a stay-in-the-jammies day. More self-care might be a good way to go, too. With the Moon and Neptune making nice in water signs, think spa trip or good long soak in the tub. Spending more time in meditation or other mindful pursuit can bring emotional healing and insights.

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