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Weekly Horoscope: February 28 - March 6, 2022

A breath of fresh air! New hope and healing begins to waft our way thanks to an energizing New Moon.

We’re able to catch our breaths and see the bigger picture on Monday thanks to the Moon in detached and inventive Aquarius. It conjoins Mercury late afternoon, helping to provide flashes of brilliance to our thinking. And since the next contact is with sensible Saturn, we’ll also put all ideas to the acid test of viability.

March dawns on Tuesday in the lull before the New Moon. With Luna still in Aquarius most of the day, it’s a wonderful time to unleash the mad scientist within. Tinker with innovative concepts and plans, but delay any launch.

Speaking of launch, the New Moon in Pisces helps us spring forward with fresh optimism. The turning point, and a major one at that, is exact on Wednesday, March 2, at 12:35 pm ET. However, it all takes place in the depths of psyche, the Fishes’ natural habitat. But the coming month offers ample opportunities for new initiatives to hatch and grow and get in the swim.

This week, new realms of imagination and wonder open up. There is an inner knowing and greater trust of intuition. And with bountiful and beneficent Jupiter in close conjunction, expect a wave of inspiration! Not to mention enough generosity and positivity to go around and some to spare.

Especially since innovative Uranus makes a positive aspect for a refreshing change of late. Which only adds more pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters to the mix. A new sense of freedom and confidence helps us move into the new.

The same day, mental Mercury conjoins constructive Saturn, helping us to be far-seeing and concerned with the greater good, and willing to implement structure to attain higher goals.

However, lurking in the depths is a troublesome aspect with the Mars-Pluto conjunction in authoritarian Capricorn, which culminates the next day. Looming over this inner awakening is the threat of very harsh and dangerous world situation, politically and economically. Thursday, March 3, could be pivotal in that regard.

On a personal level, we can use the unrelenting determination of the conjunction to power through a personal project. Or to take a deep dive into our own inner depths with an eye to eliminating all obstacles to growth. We will need to control both our fears and our anger, though, to not inadvertently destroy instead of creating.

Friday’s outlook is relatively calm astrologically. The Moon in militant Aries can help us gain fresh courage in the wake of yesterday’s challenges. And begin to surf the fresh wave of positivity that crests on the morning of Saturday, March 5. The Sun’s annual conjunction with jovial Jupiter takes on new meaning. Our ambitions and optimism gets a big boost. We can also find our faith restored or lose ourselves in works of art or other pleasant pursuit.

On Sunday, the Moon in Taurus helps us indulge even further in life’s simple pleasures. It’s a good day to nest or to find positive release for Venus (love) and Mars (passion) as they spend their last day in earthy and way-too-serious Capricorn. As of this evening, relationships begin to lighten up, as both planets enter unconventional Aquarius. More news on that front next week!

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