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Weekly Horoscope: February 27-March 5, 2023

It’s a week to follow your heart and to go after what (or who) you love—and get a lot done, too.

March begins with a week full of romantic potential. But also ample opportunity to be productive. Monday and Tuesday are the best times to get things done. That goes double if you’re working with a team. Excellent Mercury aspects bring clear thinking and creative brainstorming.

On Wednesday, March 1, the Moon moves into Cancer and brings all the feels. We’re less shy about expressing them than usual, though, as Venus is colluding with Jupiter, both in impulsive, fiery Aries. It’s a good time to get clear with others about your true feelings. Just be sure to listen and acknowledge in return. Social life can get rather lively, to say the least, on the best day of the week for love and entertaining. Know when to call it quits and get some shut-eye.

Because the good vibes continue into Thursday. But Mercury and Saturn connect for the final time in the sign of Aquarius, which must give us pause. What have you learned in the past two years plus with Saturn in this outside-the-box sign? Think creative and community, and maybe upping your social media game. And doing a tech audit to see which are really helping you move forward and which are adding to the distraction. Key decisions can be made and will be lasting.

Later on Thursday, mental Mercury is seduced by poetic Pisces until March 19. Body language and other subliminal signals speak louder than words. Intuitive thinking is enhanced, and cold logic has no appeal. Just remember what they say about people who assume: check to make sure your message was received in the spirit intended.

The weekend begins on Friday (at least in spirit) as the Moon moves into playful Leo. The good times will roll on for the next three days, bringing pleasurable pursuits, new connections and just plain fun. There could be a big change of plans around nightfall ET on Saturday. Uranus, planet of surprises, makes an appearance. Fortunately, Venus in Aries knows how to improvise. The party starts to wind down on Sunday. A harsh aspect between the Moon and Saturn late evening may bring regrets, but try not to dwell.

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