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Weekly Horoscope: February 22-28, 2021

THIS WEEK: Spring has not sprung, but opportunities await for a major refresh to soothe body, mind and soul.

Still, on Monday, February 22, we’re not quite ready to embrace more change. A cozy Moon in Cancer prompts us to stay under the duvet instead. By afternoon, though, a helpful sextile from innovative Uranus gets us up and running.

Tuesday’s outlook is both blissfully spiritual and creative and productive. That is, until late evening when luna tangles with confrontational Pluto. Avoid heart-to-heart convos then.

If things did get complicated, resolution can appear as soon as Wednesday, February 24. Results-minded Mars in Taurus extends an olive branch to powerhouse Pluto. Which helps us roll up our sleeves and get to work. Buoyed by a can-do spirit, we can now lean into transformation and create new structures and routines in our lives aimed at greater security and prosperity. The catch: we may have to follow Pluto into the underworld of our psyches and do some deep probing.

The next day, love goddess Venus follows the Sun’s lead and plunges into Pisces waters. For the next 3 weeks, she can help us cultivate greater awareness of other people’s feelings and needs. It also helps bring romance back into the cosmic scenario! The downside: we can also tend to overidealize others. A Moon in Leo from Wednesday to Friday helps us to do so with dramatic flair. But occasional clashes with other planets may cause too much upheaval for most.

The night orb leaves the Lion’s showy lair for Virgo on Friday morning, where it will stay for most of the weekend. This usually unassuming placement takes on greater significance as it brings the lunar cycle to culmination with a Full Moon at 3:17 am ET on Saturday, February 27.

Most Full Moons are about awareness and bring to a head issues started with the previous New Moon. In Virgo, this one is all about perfectionism and routines. Both of which may be hard to come by, as it stirs the pot cooked up by the clash between Uranus and Saturn earlier this month. Which means more polarization and waffling when it comes to our beliefs and attitudes. Should we have faith or give into doubt? Try to rebuild what was lost or totally embrace the new?

It makes an exact inconjunct aspect to the ringed planet. We may experience frustration with trying to reconcile our need for emotional and physical security with the new Aquarian world order. We want realtime solutions, not Utopian dreams. We can experience a great deal of distrust to those in authority at work or in government.

On the positive side, this lunation makes positive aspects to Uranus in Taurus. This hints that the way to emotional fulfillment lies within us. With the Sun conjunct Venus, we can find the emotional support from others we need—though it may not come in the form we expect. Happiness lies in acceptance, something Virgo is not good at. This aspect can also help us use our creativity to create more joy in lockdown. And since the sign is all about creature comforts and hands-on, we could find solace and fulfilment in sharing our crafts, cooking or other skills.

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