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Weekly Horoscope: February 17-23, 2020

The waters may part and divine inspiration emerge in the leadup to the New Moon in Pisces. The Sun spends its last day in Aquarius on Monday, February 17. The Moon is also drifting along in Sagittarius, only reaching out to Neptune. It can help fire our imaginations and (re)vision a brighter future. It might be hard to put what we see into words, what with Mercury in nebulous Pisces, but other creative aspects support alternate and artistic expressions.

A big shift occurs on Tuesday, when the Sun moves from Aquarius’ detached and scientific lair to take the plunge in the mystical Pisces pool. Highly intuitive and emotional, the sign of the Fish can have us at cross currents. On the one side, it supports any efforts to up empathy and compassion, the romance in our souls, and any artistic leanings. On the downside, it can urge us to escape reality. In a mild case, too much binge-watching or Instagram time, on the extreme, compulsions and dependencies.

During Pisces season, our immune systems can be weakened, so keep up the anti-flu measures for at least the next month.

The Moon in industrious and serious Capricorn keeps our noses for two days. Our patience may be tried on Tuesday or a past issue demand attention. Wednesday offers more opportunity to be productive and pursue our goals.

An inspired sextile between Jupiter and Neptune sets the pace on Thursday, February 20. Our hopes and dreams take tangible form. We have a longing to mix worldly ambitions with social responsibility. And we will be tempted to launch right away, what with Mars’ impatient trine to innovative Uranus the next day. With Mercury retrograde, it’s best to take time to think things through.

Anyway, the week is really a trailer for the blockbuster event on the Sunday, the New Moon in Pisces at 10:32 am ET. Every 28 days, the New Moon gives us a chance to hit the reset button, to pursue a fresh set of goals until the next cycle. This one is particularly potent—and in a good way. Mostly helpful aspects prevail, offering us all a “spring break” of the soul.

Best use: use the quiet time to set very real goals. Because there is no better time to get with the creative flow of our lives, to be guided by our sense of purpose in the highest sense. A sextile to Uranus offers inspired ideas and solutions, while can-do Mars in Capricorn gives us the grit to see it through.

This one can also prompt us to overindulgence, since pleasure-seeking Venus is being goaded by excessive Jupiter. It can also prompt us to be overly demonstrative or to over-commit in a relationship.

Because the signs of Pisces and Capricorn, both big on sacrifice, we may have to perform a rite in that honour. It could be giving up a bad or unproductive habit. Or letting go of time-wasting pastimes in lieu of more time with loved ones, and so on.

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