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Weekly Horoscope: February 12-18, 2024

The week gets off to an energetic start, but relationships get too hot to handle midweek, marring the Valentine’s scenario for many.


Monday proves less blue, more zesty and purposeful as the Moon charges into fiery Aries. Then, in the wee hours of Tuesday, militant Mars changes signs, moving into communal Aquarius until March 22. The red planet is all about our ability take action and stand our ground. While in the Water Bearer’s realm, it helps us realize our goals using the power of the many, i.e., teamwork.


Focus on building the network based on what you have in common. Widening the circle and becoming even more inclusive is a must. Fears about getting lost in the crowd can arise, but this air sign helps us to detach and use logic to combat them.


On Valentine’s Day, Luna moves into sweetly romantic Taurus. It’s a sign that has the patience to wait…. which all of us may have to do if we expect a hearts-and-flowers kind of day, because this ain't it.  But sheer lust and sexual intensity abound as Mars collides with Pluto. Some will take it into secret or forbidden territory. Unfortunately, feelings of not getting needs met also run rife and power plays arise.  This is a compelling combo under which to start a group project (Aquarius) that requires a great deal of commitment and drive (Pluto).


On Thursday, messenger Mercury makes a nice sextile to healer Chiron. So we can mend any rifts or wounds by clear and compassionate communication. Simple expressions have great impact.


Friday's first quarter Moon phase, still in determined and loving Taurus, also sees love goddess Venus embracing Aquarius, joining Mars and Pluto the sign. Until March 11, love becomes less visceral and more heady. The open-minded Water Bearer can embrace alternate, even unconventional, ways of relating. It’s gift is detachment, so these periods are a good time to negotiate or renegotiate agreements, personal and professional. Venus also influences our aesthetic sense, so hese times are good to expand our appreciation of beauty and embrace the unique and avant garde.


All of which gets ramped up on Saturday when the love goddess tangles with Pluto. Love, romantic and otherwise, will be intense to say the least. Much of the cautions and opportunities for Wednesday apply now. If you choose to pledge yourself to another person or group cause, it will be for keeps! And live changing.


Sunday marks the last day to enjoy the Sun in Aquarius for the year. The Moon will be in chatty and social Gemini, but such impulses can be derailed as it squares foggy and confusing Neptune midafternoon. But after that, it brings clear thinking and reasoning. And a brilliant opportunity to explore journaling, writing, public speaking or other form of creative communication.


And then at 11:13 pm ET, Pisces season begins, getting us out of our heads and into our dreamy hearts until March 19.

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