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Weekly Horoscope: February 10 - 16, 2020

A dreamily romantic haze infuses the buildup to the most lovestruck day of the year, Valentine’s Day,

Not that we don’t have good intentions on Monday, February 10, which dawns with a can-do Moon in industrious Virgo. On the same day, love goddess Venus, now in fiery, take-charge Aries, meets up with wounded healer Chiron. It’s a good day to open a dialogue in any relationship. And if you find people (including yourself) acting erratically, regard it as a cry for help.

Of course, communication is key to good relationships, and not just romantic ones. But mental Mercury is in the fuzzy-wuzzy sign of Pisces, and moving slowly to boot. That’s because preparing to pull into the station of its retrograde phase, happening officially on Sunday. In this sign, the planet that rules our thought processes tends to bring even more chaos and confusion than usual. Its last retrograde in this sign occurred in March 2019, which many people found challenging.

A phenomenon that happens about four times a year, these three-week periods tend to monkey-wrench communications like emails, letters, posts, verbal agreements, etc. Travel delays and increased anxiety are not uncommon side effects.

But it is a wonderful time to ask for a do-over: revamp, revise, refine plans and aspirations but leaving the launch to a later, more clear-thinking time.

Pisces is also a highly romantic sign and one that tends to see only the best in people. That, plus Venus being in impulsive Aries, doesn’t bode well for love (or lust) at first sight relationships. Spontaneous proposals may feel good in the moment, bring “what was I thinking?” pain down the line.

On hearts-and flowers day—Friday, February 14—the Moon is in skeptical and demanding Scorpio. However you decide to express your affections, make the gesture a good one! No picking up something last minute in the convenience store. Make it come from deep in your heart. Fortunately, the Moon makes wonderful aspects to other planets, ramping up the passion levels as well.

Prepare to shift into ambition overdrive on Sunday, February 16. Mars, the planet that helps us put the hammer down, charges into ambitious Capricorn. Its annual visit here is optimal for putting goals into action. This year, its significance shoots off the charts. For at various times until March 30, it will energize the three major players also in the same sign: enterprising Jupiter, master builder Saturn and transformational Pluto. This is a rare occurrence; the last time they aligned like this was 1285 A.D.

CAUTION: On the same day, Mercury turns officially retrograde. Which means, as mentioned above, this is not a good time to introduce new initiatives. Or, to take anything for granted. The best use of this review-revise-refine period might be to use Pisces’ gift for seeing the bigger picture all at once then using the Capricorn impulse to forge new structures to make them a reality. Prepare to launch after March 20.

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