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Weekly Horoscope: February 1-7, 2021

All we need is love, sweet love, in a week where the goddess of amour reigns supreme.

On Monday, February 1, it might be hard to get with the program, though. We’re still in the aftermath of yesterday’s intransigent Sun-Mars s

quare in fixed signs. Some found sleep elusive. We may be all charged up—with no particular place to go. And less likely to compromise that we should.

Fortunately, social maven and artiste

Venus is ready to find new harmony, creativity and ways to connect. She leaves the dour sign of Capricorn to enter community-minded Aquarius at 9:05 am ET for a 4-week stay. Which means more time in online hangouts with your peeps while your network can expand with a big bang.

Because welcoming her are a cohort of planets already in that sign: the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury retrograde. Going forward,

creative ventures also will thrive under her beams, and the financial bottom line can benefit from strokes of good fortune.

A Moon in Libra adds an urge to merge at a more personal level. Aquarius is both creative and tech-minded, and thrives on serendipity. Which means new ways to find romance online are not only possible, but almost inevitable! With Mercury still retrograde, it’s best to not try to firm up any wedding or coha

bitation plans, though. Experimentation can run wild at times, too. (Ooh, maybe he really is a Nigerian prince and loves me for my mind….) Enjoy pushing boundaries, but fall back on Saturnian common sense to not stray to far from the safe zone.

Enjoy a low-key Tuesday before Luna enters intense Scorpio at 9:15 am the next day. The old intimacy v. freedom issue can surface in relationships early in the day. This is not the time for THE talk, though. With Venus forming an uncomfortable union with Neptune on Thursday, February 4, the result could be disheartening.

A more upbeat Moon in Sagittarius prevails on the weekend. This sociable, often rambunctious, always adventur

e-loving sign can help us up our Zoom party game. However, pleasure-loving Venus rendezvous with restrictive Saturn the night before. We may be frustrated by a partner’s distance, emotional or physical or both, or have to face some fears.

As well, she triggers the impending Saturn-Uranus faceoff, one of the major challenging aspects of 2021. For the next two days, the love goddess’ impulses (see above) take on a new radicalism. This greatly tests the stability of love relationships through sudden pivots or calls for more excitement. In both love and money, it’s best to take the long view, and be both responsible and patient.

Both of the latter are easier to access on Sunday, February 7. The Moon makes a favourable aspect to Mercury favouring deep discussions. And luna enters stabilizing late in the afternoon, helping us get our feet on the ground and catch up on that neglected to-do list.

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