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Weekly Horoscope: December 6-12, 2021

‘Tis the season to be frantic! We enter a whirl of activity, but do we really know where we’re going?

It’s back to biz (if not as usual!) on Monday. Mars in hyper-focused Scorpio form a productive sextile aspect to Pluto in determined Capricorn. Earlier in the day is better than later, as the Moon also triggers Venus, which comes under fire later in the month.

The next day, Mercury in impatient Sagittarius is impeded by Neptune in Pisces. Our thoughts can be confused or veer towards ‘what’s the use?’ territory. We can regain balance by being extra mindful and focusing on what is really important.

As well, action-planet Mars really is on a mission now, which could spin out of control by Wednesday, December 8, if we’re not careful. That’s the day it forms an energetic square to overly optimistic Jupiter in Aquarius. We might be tempted to do all the holiday shopping in one fell swoop, only to find out later we bought too many gifts with hefty price tags.

On the positive side, Mars in Scorpio is all about details, strategy and winning. Jupiter in Aquarius helps raise our vision to new lofty levels and to know the power of teamwork. Use this powerful force for the good, and you might prove unstoppable!

Another consequence can be feeling way too angry about restrictions large and small. Travel rules being changed right before the holidays doesn’t help! We’ll have to make an extra effort to make sure any anger is on the righteous side, as we may tend to exaggerate the seriousness now and jump willy-nilly on the cancel bandwagon.

This influence eases on Thursday when the Moon enters compassionate and dreamy Pisces. Our spirits will be lifted and, as it makes no major aspects that day, we’re offered a chance to just go with the flow. And to regain emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

On Saturday, December 18, we choose quality over quantity when it comes to the people we surround ourselves with. Venus, which reigns over all kinds of relationships and not just romantic ones, collides with secretive and seductive Capricorn. Superficial relating just won’t do now; romantically this holds erotic promise.

But in all relationships, we’re hyper aware of who is really on our side and who is not. The trick is to not be too ruthless in separating the golden germs of wheat from the superfluous chaff. This also is primetime for baring your soul and/or laying all your cards on the table.

This combo can also help us look behind appearances to perhaps befriend someone with hidden potential. And to champion the underdog, which might be channeled into shopping local from hidden gem suppliers. Or diverting some of the gift-buying budget towards supporting a charity. Capricorn is also a sign that loves a prestige label. So caution might be called for now when investing in same.

Not ready to lean into all this? Now worries, because thanks to Venus’ long retrograde phase this year, we get a second shot on Christmas Day and a third in March. But do bookmark any issues that arise now as important ones to work on in the months ahead.

Take a break on Sunday when the restless Sun in Sagittarius enters a Neptunian fog. We’re unclear about our direction or motives. The Moon in Aries fires us up, but the inner landscape is the territory best explored now.

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