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Weekly Horoscope: December 26, 2022-January 1, 2023

Out with the auld…..but you might find yourself dwelling more on the lang syne (times gone by) and less on the future this week. Fortunately, it’s the lull between the holidays, the perfect time to rest up after dealing with tempestuous weather and the seasonal rush.

After an upbeat, joyful Christmas, Monday could see an early upset as the Moon, still in Aquarius, squares erratic Uranus. We are able to roll with the changes, but not happy about it! By midday, a stabilizing Moon-Saturn conjunction helps us focus. But with Luna also going void of course, might not be as productive as hoped for.

By Tuesday, the Moon has moved to Pisces, which favours soulful ruminations. By evening, though, it moves on to tangle with Mars, still retrograde. Spats can break out that really are a case of much ado about nothing.

On Wednesday, December 28, a Venus-Neptune sextile helps smooth over any and all relationship problems. Forgiveness and tolerance are easier to come by. Bonus: the Moon makes favourable aspects all day, especially in the evening, making it a highly auspicious day for socializing and romance.

Just don’t make any big promises or sign any agreements. Because the very next day, Thursday, Mercury turns retrograde. Until January 18, the old adage about don’t assume applies more than ever. Plans carved in stone have to be moved to sticky notes—which includes everything from NYE plans to long-term career goals. It’s best to stay flexible in the face of many changes.

This is traditionally a time to look back and reflect. Mercury retrograde periods are ideal for this, and we may be doing a deep dive into the life-altering recent past. What does it mean and where are we going? This is a good time to come to grips with how the turmoil has affected us, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And what kind of structures we want to create to move into a brighter future.

The downside: Mercury is in Capricorn, a sign prone to melancholy and regret—neither of which are particularly useful or productive. The trick is to accept and honour the past, but not dwell on only the negative.

Mars is still retrograde, which can lead to frustration. This is especially true on Friday when it forms a tense aspect to the Sun, just when the Moon is in feisty Aries. Watch for a tendency to overreact or become defensive in your self and others.

The final day of 2022, Saturday, sees the Moon in sensual Taurus. Feasting will trump frolicking on everyone’s preferred list. In fact, if you’re coupled, you might want to limit the celebrations to just the two of you. Love goddess Venus will be snuggled up with intense Pluto that night. The upside: the urge to merge will be sexually charged and intense, enough to ignite a nuclear fusion of souls.

Along with romance, Venus also favours beauty and the arts, while Pluto is the planets of deepest needs and transformation. Some may do a deep purge of what is not needed in those areas, while others will experience a revelation as to what is most important to them.

On Sunday, Luna, still in the sign of the Bull, is content to loll and let the good times roll. Mercury makes nice with Neptune, creating a peaceful ambience and favouring time spent contacting the divine. Revelations will be inspiring and help to start 2023 on an optimistic note. Happy New Year!

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