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Weekly Horoscope: December 20-26, 2021

Merry and bright may seem in short supply now. But this week also marks an important turning point and rare opportunity to find true peace in our hearts.

Monday dawns with the Moon in homebody Cancer. But an inspired Mercury-Uranus trine helps us to think outside the box and find brilliant solutions.

On Tuesday, December 21, the winter solstice brings the shortest day of the year. Luna is under fire this day, so holiday hustle-and-bustle may fray some nerves and tempers. Better plan: spend more time looking inwards than at holiday displays. Throw in some gratitude, too. Such meditations can shed light on what your true priorities are for 2022 (yes, it will be different!).

We experience a lunar lift on Wednesday as the night orb enters ebullient Leo. We can get a lot done early in the day when our spirits are bright. But an afternoon upset could prove more stressful than we anticipated. It’s a good afternoon and evening to lie low. And the same goes for Thursday.

Friday, December 24, brings the third and final (at last!) square-off between Saturn and Uranus—not the gift we asked for! This is one time we astrologers don’t like to be right: Since January I have been warning that this final occurrence might coincide with a Covid setback. This time, Uranus forms a very creative aspect to Jupiter, which gives hope of swift coping/combating measures to appear in the New Year.

The Moon will be in level-headed and health-conscious Virgo that day. Bug the early evening hours are fraught with picky and argumentative energy. Fortunately, the situation eases on Saturday, Christmas Day to many. The Moon makes flowing and festive trine aspects to spontaneous Uranus and quick-thinking Mercury, helping us to cope with whatever plans need to be changed. And, being in Earth signs, to remember to focus on simple joys.

On the same day, Venus in retrograde motion bumps into Pluto for the second time this month. Long-standing grudges, resentments and other unwelcome guests may make an appearance at the dinner table unless we set firm guidelines and boundaries beforehand. Any power struggles or situations that raise suspicion can be blown out of all proportion, too. it’s best to focus on the higher side of this combo: a chance to forge a deeper rapport with loved ones based on a rocks-solid honesty and true desire to contribute to their wellbeing.

On Sunday, Boxing Day, peace and goodwill are in plentiful supply. The Moon enters balanced Libra midday and a brilliant sextile between Mercury and Neptune helps us to think and express our highest and best thoughts. And to visualize and begin to plan for a bolder, brighter future.

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