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Weekly Horoscope: December 2-8, 2019

Strap on your pitons! Another planet joins the upward-climbing Capricorn crew, shifting the focus to worldly ambition and achievement.

On Monday, December 2, positive outcome-minded Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year-long stay. It joins Venus and, even more significantly, Saturn and Pluto in that sign. The last time it formed a trio with the latter two was in 1518 AD—so attention must be paid.

Jupiter is about seeing what’s out there with a song in our hearts and spring in our step. In dour, often-pessimistic Capricorn, we may feel hobbled. It will bring a more subdued approach to expanding our horizons and testing our limits. And likely bring some challenges around integrity and controlling behaviour (our own and others’).

But until the 15th, it is making a very creative aspect with Uranus. We will see the very best of its ability to take concrete and strategic steps to achieve our highest goals and aspirations.

It’s all sunshine and lollipops on Tuesday as vivacious Venus in Capricorn makes nice with sensual Mars in Scorpio. Love and sex are not mutually exclusive! If you’ve been waiting to start a new relationship or creative project, this would be a good day.

A dreamy Moon in Pisces dominates the day on Wednesday, December 4. We are reflective and, thanks to good aspects with Saturn and Pluto, able to be both productive emotionally attuned.

The moon Shifts on Thursday afternoon, when luna enters feisty Aries. It helps us get up and get moving, crossing stuff off the to-do list and getting in some holiday shopping. Good thing, because on Saturday it goes void-of-course at 10 am ET. VOC Moons act like Mercury retrogrades, which means delay and frustration at the mall or on the road.

Take it easy! Same goes for Sunday, December 8. You might want to stay off the ski hill, too. The Sun in sporty Sagittarius will be squaring Neptune, which often indicates a low-energy day. Or one in which confusion or some disappointment leads to ennui. It’s a better day to hit the spa or work on a creative masterwork or your vision board for 2020.

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