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Weekly Horoscope: December 13-19, 2021

A sense of anticipation adds sparkle to the scenario in the leadup to the solstice and holidays, with planets on the move and the final Full Moon of 2021 on tap.

On Monday, action-star Mars leaves Scorpio's intense and deep waters for lively and optimistic Sagittarius until January 24. We now find it easier to kick free of ties that bind us unnecessarily, especially emotional ones. We feel bolder in both acting or speaking our mind. But it can also mean that travel restrictions chafe, as this is the sign of the globetrotter. Best outlet: do so safely from armchair, searching destinations that thrill you and plan future getaways.

Job searchers and entrepreneurs’ efforts may also take off, even though there is usually a dip before the holidays. Just don’t get caught up in FOMO (fear of missing out), a decided Sagittarian trap. This impulsive sign can also make us misjudge what is a safe risk and what is not. All to say look before you take a big leap!

Fortunately, on the same day mental Mercury moves into level-headed Capricorn. This will give a big assist in setting up budgets (and sticking to them!) and drawing up five-year plans. It also helps us be more strategic in our social plans for the season. And in surrounding ourselves with a team of helpful folks who can help us realize our major life goals.

The Moon enters sensible and Taurus on Tuesday, December 14, ushering in a couple of days to find joy in simple pleasures: good friends, good food, good times. We have until 3:43 pm ET on Thursday to bask in good vibes, after which Luna enters Gemini, upping the busy-ness factor.

The pace ramps up heading towards the Full Moon in young-at-heart Gemini on Saturday, December 18, at 11:36 pm ET. It shares with the sign it now opposes, Sagittarius, a love of frolic and having a good time. This is the last weekend to mix it up with friends and kindred spirits before the more family-oriented holiday period. And the sign of the Twins also like to do things in twos, so do think last-minute shopping, light display peeping or strolling a deux. And keep it local, another priority for this sign.

Full Moons can bring extreme realizations, even illumination. But they can also trigger a false sense of urgency. Now in Gemini, we might act far too impulsively if we don’t use this sign’s gift for seeing both sides of any situation. Let logic guide you now.

It’s all about those who are near and dear starting Sunday. That’s the day Venus, which governs our affections and values, goes retrograde for six weeks. Capricorn plays for keeps, so this is a good time to review long-term commitments. If your love story took an unexpected twist, this placement can help you rewrite the plotline going forward. Or, since it is also big on planning, the unattached can now set a strategy for obtaining their heart’s desire. Venus retrograde periods are also excellent times for an inner inventory. What and who do you really value? The answers that emerge over the coming weeks may surprise you.

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