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Weekly Horoscope: December 11-17, 2023

A New Moon in Sagittarius gifts an abundance of holiday spirit and activity, along with a tendency to overdo and veer into overwhelm.


Luna shifts into rollicking Sagittarius on Monday, helping to lighten the mood after spending the weekend in intense and internalizing Scorpio. An amiable Venus-Mercury sextile helps us to talk things through with likeminded people and generate practical ideas. But restless lunar aspects to Jupiter and Uranus later on could make sound sleep difficult to come by.


Tuesday marks New Moon day, at 6:32 pm ET. In this visionary sign, it kicks off a cycle in which we will want to explore wider horizons, be they through the international departure gates or into boundless metaphysical realms. And since it is a fire sign, it can ignite new motivation and inspiration.


Catch the fire, but then contain it and keep it burning for later use. Because the most important planet now, Jupiter, is still in retrograde motion. Which puts the brakes on any immediate progress. And Neptune is square the Sun and Moon, meaning our insights may be unrealistic or that confusion in the face of too many possibilities leads to overwhelm.


Added to this, Mercury does one of its four-times-yearly retrogrades starting Wednesday, December 13.  Make sure to leave lots of contingency for holiday plans over the next three weeks. This backpedal can create even more chaos than usual for travellers and miscommunications are rife. It’s best to double or maybe triple check all arrangements. Turning up at the wrong address, mixing up a digit in a phone number are just some of the possibilities of things more likely to go wrong now.


The Moon in sober Capricorn on Thursday helps us to attend to business. An early morning alliance with Venus means we can make progress with grace. And a flowing trine to ingenious Uranus later on means brainstorming sessions can lead to creative and innovative solutions. And we see how to be there for someone while still respecting their space.


The workplace could be fraught with tension early Friday as Luna tangles with powermonger Pluto. We may find it hard to deal with demands from higherups.  With the Moon shifting to independent Aquarius after lunch, we may find a way to break the routine that feels liberating.


The Sun rendezvous with nebulous Neptune on Saturday. We may feel enervated and unfocused, making it the perfect day to take it easy. Especially if we are around people partying a little too enthusiastically, as we may be tempted to join in.  Luna in Aquarius helps us to detach.


Sunday morning is perfect for playing couch potato, The Moon shifts to sensitive Pisces midafternoon, colliding with stern Saturn shortly after. Current pressures may seem overwhelming, but are manageable if we slow down and keep a positive attitude. Which won’t be difficult because if we sleep on it, optimistic trends await us the next day.


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