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Weekly Horoscope: August 9-15, 2021

A lazy, hazy mood provides welcome respite from last week’s intense trends, but there are also incentives to get some work done.

Rose-coloured glasses are the accessory du jour on Monday, August 9. Love goddess Venus makes her annual opposition to nebulous Neptune, prompting us to see only the good in everyone and everything. While a little lens blur is superb for romance, it’s best to not assume the honeymoon phase will last. The blinder have to come off some time, and later there may be just as many negatives and positives in a relationship.

Later, on Wednesday Venus trines erotic Pluto. An attraction that’s been on simmer could suddenly blaze white-hot. And with both Venus and Pluto in serious and stable earth signs, this could be the start of a grande passion (for a person or project) that endures over time. Outside the romance department, this one can help us use charm and strategy to seal a favourable deal. The downside: we’re more tempted to walk on the wild side and less conscious of consequences. Tread carefully!

On other fronts, Venus also rules the pleasure principle. Now in health-conscious Virgo, this could be time for some extreme self-care. It could be as simple as hit the hammock and just letting our minds drift. Or binge on a pricey meal out or spa afternoon. Our spending habits can also get out of control under this influence, leading to some ‘what was I thinking?’ moments. So best to hold off on purchases or make sure there’s a good return policy.

Want to get something off your chest? A Mercury-Jupiter opposition on Tuesday helps us vocalize our hearts’ desires. And these expressions may be dramatic! It is Mercury’s last day in the dramatic sign of Leo and Jupiter always exaggerates. With the latter in the sign of Aquarius, the trick now is to always remember the common good.

On Wednesday, August 11, Mercury moves into Virgo where it resides until the 30th. While in Leo, our thinking was taken to a bigger, brighter level. Now in Virgo, we’re able to sift the chaff and begin to plan for real-world success. This energy can help us clean and organize our closets, real and figurative. And streamline our routines so that chores are completed more quickly, freeing time for other pursuits. Which, given how many planets are now in Virgo, might be doing things this sign loves like whipping up nutritious meals, adding extra asanas, spending more time with a pet or contributing school supplies to charity.

The weekend outlook is more favourable for inner journeys than hitting the road. The Moon is in intense, secretive Scorpio which generates a heavy mood and the kind of inflexible attitude that can lead to road rage. Best strategy: cede the right of way and adopt a ‘whatever’ attitude.

Other influences stir up an aimless restlessness. And cooperation is hard to come by from loved ones all weekend. On Sunday, especially, someone’s need for freedom may clash with our need to count on this person. It’s best to hoe your own row and let others do the same. And if you let Luna lead the way inward, deep realizations await.

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