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Weekly Horoscope: August 31 - September 6, 2020

This week: Marshalling our good Virgo impulses—analyzing, assessing, arranging, bringing order to chaos—can feel akin to herding cats as the week begins. But if we persevere, brilliant breakthroughs are possible.

The first days are dominated by a scattered Full Moon, which perfects at 1:22 am ET on Wednesday, September 2. The Sun in meticulous and controlled Virgo then opposes the Moon in nebulous let-it-be Pisces. This lunar impulse can bring waves of emotions and intuition, a sense of being washed far away from the shores of reality.

But this time, both luminaries get a major assist in reconciling their differences from inventive and forward-thinking Uranus. La luna opens a conduit to (re)connect with soul, which can now download its wisdom through dreams or during meditation. With the Sun and the side-spinning planet in Earth signs, we can find innovative ways to make them real. There is also a strong emphasis on healing, and holistic can move from theory to practice.

What is clear this week is our thinking, thanks to Mercury. On Monday, it trines Pluto, an aspect that is exact in the wee hours of the following day. Schedule any deep discussions for this time when intensity can be a good thing. We can our desires to fuel our communications and sway opinion.

On Thursday, September 3, Mercury also makes a favourable alliance with structured Saturn. We can now set an agenda or launch new plans that will soon take tangible form. And then the winged messenger makes a major move, shifting into gracious and diplomatic Libra. Logic still reigns but without the Virgo tendency to worry and fret. The next month is good for discussion and negotiations of all kinds, especially if aimed at greater collaboration.

All of which we’re gonna need! Because this is not a good week for love or money, as Venus is under fire. Early Wednesday morning, she is put in check by serious Saturn. We may have to say goodbye to someone close or set firmer boundaries, neither of which will bring us joy. Professional relationships may also feel the strain, too, and all take on a sombre note. On the positive side, we can use this one to get clear and get real, if we can avoid the trap of Cancer, Venus’ sign, which is over-emoting or playing the victim.

It all intensifies by Friday, September 4, when the love goddess tangles with feisty Mars in self-centred Aries. Venus’ sojourn in the sign of the Crab makes us long for some TLC, a soft place to land. Mars tends to trample that with jackboots. But if we can avoid extreme reactions, we can flag issues of closeness versus autonomy to be worked on later.

Moving on, Venus helps us end the week on a high note. At 3:22 am ET it moves into sunny Leo for a month-long stay. If it wasn’t a summer of love, we’ll make up for it now as romance heads the agenda. So does a love of the good life, which could include a home or personal makeover. All aimed at adding more drama and flair to the ‘Gram posts.

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