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Weekly Horoscope: August 30-September 5, 2021

Where did the summer go? This is a good week to indulge in as many of the season’s pleasures as possible and charge our batteries.

Talk love, not war on Monday, August 30 under a Moon in communicative Gemini. On the same day, messenger Mercury enters harmony-loving Libra. A new collaborative spirit enters communications until November 5, to the benefit of all kinds of relationships. We can also add flair and artistry to our messaging and hone the listening skills.

Don’t dally, because this extra-long visit in this sign includes a retrograde from September 27 to October 18, a time when differences can arise in relationships, likely driven by miscommunications.

All the good vibes may go out the window on Tuesday, as the Moon makes disruptive aspects to other planets. The Sun quincunx Saturn also means we may care way too much what a superior thinks of us. Luna shifts to her home sign of Cancer the next day, but it also comes under fire. It may take until evening to regain emotional equilibrium.

On Thursday, go-getter Mars in conscientious Virgo opposes nebulous Neptune. Our ambitions seem thwarted, actions come to naught. Oh, well. A good time to hit the hammock and wait it out! And if setting boundaries is a problem for you, this can exacerbate the problem. And don’t believe everything you hear now.

Optimism surges on Saturday afternoon, once the Moon takes on Leo’s sunny ways. We may have to deal with some surprises, though, as Uranus later squares it. But if we stay flexible, a Mercury-Saturn trine will help us come up with creative solutions to last-minute problems.

Romance tops the agenda any time the Moon visits the Lion’s den. And with Mercury in Libra, relationships are sure to be front and centre in our thinking. But when Venus squares Pluto on Sunday, control becomes a major issue. We’re tempted to confront and defend our positions to the death, and issue ‘in or out’ ultimatums. It’s best to wait this one out. Passions also run high in other departments, but the sexual chemistry can steam up a late-summer romance scenario, but prove too hot to handle long term.

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