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Weekly Horoscope: August 24-30, 2020

Ride the roller coaster of a complicated cosmic scenario. The planets align in an obstructive square, three thrilling trines and two unsettling opposition aspects.

Monday, August 24, marks Mars in dynamic Aries’ collision with a wall called Saturn. Frustration rises under this square aspect, which is somewhat akin to driving with the brakes on. Get used to having impulses thwarted. Every move you make, in fact, may be encounter delays, criticism, challenges. And Mars will continue to travel in close square aspect to the ringed planet until October 11.

Saturn in Capricorn throws up solid walls, as it represents structures in our lives like governments and bureaucratic process. Giving into “You can’t fight city hall” feelings is tempting as numerous and needless roadblocks arise. But if we can integrate the good qualities of this combo—patience, true grit, resilience, persistence, determination—much can be accomplished. We can not only fight but win! Only if we can balance Mars in Aries’ need for instant results and tendency to lose interest quickly. The trick will be to retain its fire-in-the-belly enthusiasm and drive.

On Tuesday, quick-thinking Mercury provides ingenious insights as it forms a harmonious trine with inventive Uranus. Expect surprising news and/or exciting new proposals. You may surprise yourself at how easily you can get with the new program, however unusual or unexpected.

Love goddess sees a lot of action this week, too. In cuddly Cancer, it opposes ebullient Jupiter on Tuesday. Shacking up can feel more like and adventure. As well, it’s a good time to team up with a helpful mentor or coach.

On Thursday, August 27, it forms a dreamy trine to nebulous Neptune. This casts a rosy glow over romance; a great time for a date night. This aspect can lead to unrealistic expectations in love, money or values. But the Moon in level-headed Capricorn helps us keep things in proportion.

The pink bubble bursts by the weekend, though. On Sunday, August 30, it collides with Pluto. Which means the awakening could be less than gentle, even brutal. Any latent power struggles will emerge with a vengeance. The natural reaction will be to throw up protective walls and hunker in the bunker, nursing old resentments. But is all this mistrust really warranted?

Fortunately, the Moon in Aquarius can help us detach and avoid unnecessary drama. And the after-effects of a Mercury-Jupiter trine on Saturday helps give our thinking a shot of positivity. Both planets are in practical Earth signs, so this can bring insights of the practical dreamer sort.

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