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Weekly Horoscope: August 22-29, 2022

Still ready to roar! The urge could be intense as Leo season draws to a close and a New Moon in Virgo gets us fired up—but do we have some place to go?

Monday marks the Sun’s last day in the sign of the demonstrative and pleasure-loving Leo. It might be hard to get back to biz and the office, especially with the Moon in domesticated Cancer squaring excessive and party-loving Jupiter.

At 11:16 pm ET, though, Sol shifts into earthy and practical Virgo. This marks the annual shift into “la rentrée” mode: what the French call back to work/school/life after a summer of indolence. Time to download a new organizer app, eye the wardrobe with a critical eye, begin a closet clearout. This sign is all about being efficient and organized. And being health-conscious as well. Who knows, maybe a streamlined daily routine would free up more time for healthy pursuits like long walks, yoga or dance classes.

While setting up a new schedule, mark Tuesday through Thursday as times when the good you give could come back to you sooner than you think. The Moon, which has to do with the folks nearest and dearest, travels through Cancer and Leo, making mostly helpful aspects. The exception is late Tuesday night, when an opposition to Pluto could bring a past deception to light.

Also on Wednesday, August 24, revolutionary Uranus begins its annual retrograde. Forward-looking Uranus calls for innovation; traditional Taurus prefers the status quo, if it’s good enough for mom and dad, it’s good enough for me. Where in your life are you called to take a big leap? And where are you resisting? Being in Taurus, most of us have been going through big shifts in terms of making a solid base, especially financial, even coming to grips with the only certainty being uncertainty. Between now and January 22, 2023, when it goes direct again, you’ll have time to re-ask these questions. And integrate new lessons.

The next day, Thursday, Mercury enters equilibrium-loving Libra. Our thoughts turn to being fair and righting imbalances in social interactions. This is especially true in one-on-one relationships—romance is front-burnered in our thoughts. As well, this highly refined and aesthetically minded sign helps add some creative flair to our communications and brings out our inner writer.

This is an excellent place for Mercury when it comes to making agreements. But act fast; the winged messenger enters the storm before the retrograde on September 2, going into full backward motion a week later.

The big reset comes on Saturday, August 27, with the New Moon in Virgo at 4:17 am ET. Talk about volatility! This lunation is exactly square action-planet Mars in Gemini. But both being in mutable signs, we may disperse rather than focus our energies. Or fall into the Gemini trap of mistaking thinking about a problem for actually doing something about it.

Want to know more and learn about coping strategies? Join me on Monday, August 29, for a free webinar on the New Moon in Virgo and energies into September. DM for details and link.

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