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Weekly Horoscope: August 21-27, 2023

Unsettled conditions prevail as the week begins, but on Wednesday, Virgo season ushers in a calming and productive trend.

On Monday, the Moon in Libra has us longing for harmony and balance. But a fratchy Sun-Pluto quincunx evokes undertows of manipulation or senseless power plays that threaten our equanimity.

Luna will have entered deeper waters of Scorpio when Tuesday dawns. But an indolent, sybaritic Venus-Jupiter square will focus our attention away from work and towards enjoying life’s pleasures. Conditions are optimal for a late-summer fling! Or, spa day, anyone? Plus, an enervating and demotivating Mars-Neptune opposition makes it an optimal day to get away from the grind.

The mood shifts on Wednesday, August 23. Virgo season gets underway at 5:01 am, the astrological start to what the French call “la rentrée,” back to school/work/routine. For the next four weeks, it’s less about Leo fun and frolic and more about getting organized and things done.

Virgo’s great gift is the ability to simplify and streamline. Other qualities we’ll want to reap this harvest season include the ability to analyze a situation and come up with more efficient systems, bring some common sense into how we spend our time and money, and recognize the importance of regular maintenance including self-care.

Except that…Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo on Wednesday, too. Until September 15. it’s best to embrace the first syllable of retrograde, “re”: reflect, review, realign, reset…. Well, you get the drill. Being in the sign of Virgo, which often means our minds can work themselves into a state of exhaustion with constant rethinking, we’d be wise to find time to retreat and renew and for extra rest and recuperation.

And, as always during these times, avoid signing contracts or making big-ticket purchases, downloading new software and apps, launching a business or signing a lease. Which may be difficult because Mercury retrograde can really bring out the FOMO.

On Thursday, the Moon enters Sagittarius where the freewheeling sign is immediately blocked by Saturn in Pisces. We may feel impeded by forces whose intent is not clear. But by evening, a flowing trine between Mars and Pluto helps us to easily find win-win solutions. We are empowered to prevail while still playing fair.

A less-than-festive Moon in sober and industrious Capricorn. However, it makes mainly very helpful and productive aspects on both Saturday and Sunday. The less-ebullient trend helps us to catch a breath and catch up on chores and such if we wish.

On Sunday, Mars enters gentle Libra, where it will stay until October 12. This is an uncomfortable partnership, as Mars is all about drive and initiative and Libra all about consultation and perfection. We may lose the name of action as we vacillate, every striving for equilibrium. The key is communication, this being an air sign, striving to be direct and honest. And since this is the partnership sign, coupling is sure to be a preoccupation going forward.

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