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Weekly Horoscope: August 10-16, 2020

Thar she blows! simmering tensions can boil over midweek. But other aspects can help us rise above it all and catapult us towards an important spiritual or creative breakthrough.

Impatience is the watchword on Monday, August 10. An expressive Mercury in showy Leo clashes with Uranus in Taurus. It’s best to go with the flow, however erratic. While not restful, this combination holds potential for some highly creative thinking that leads to tangible results.

The Moon is also in Taurus early in the week and makes more restful and harmonious aspects on Tuesday. In the background, though, tension is rising in advance of the Mars-Pluto square on Thursday, August 13. The action planet, now storming through fiery Aries, does not like to hear ‘no.’ And power-mad Pluto in by-the-book Capricorn loves throwing up roadblocks. Our right to assert ourselves and take individual action just doesn’t mesh with heavy-handed approach of the powers that be. Some could express their frustration in extreme, even violent manner. So it’s best to avoid potentially explosive situations. Find a safer, more fulfilling outlet for rising passions.

Fortunately, the Moon is in lighthearted Gemini from Wednesday am until Friday afternoon ET. This air sign helps us use logic and reason to catch our balance. And retain a sense of humour through it all. Especially since Mercury, planet of mental processes, sits at the apex of a yod configuration on Friday, August 14. Once called the “finger of god,” they often mark a major turning point, a karmic crossroads to be navigated. This one call upon us to focus on the self-centredness of Mercury in Leo and the glowing passion it brings to the ways we conceptualize, think, communicate, express. It can bring up issues around children, including our own inner child, and help us reconnect with the tickle of joy and enjoying life.

The two planets Mercury is at odds with, Jupiter and Neptune, have to do with our connection with the divine and how we express or codify that in hopefully) bettering society. And so, this yod can add a sense of cosmic importance to spiritual or creative quests. There could be no better time to get out and explore new creative dimensions, to dance, emote, paint… whatever truly makes your soul sing.

The Moon enters home-and-family oriented Cancer on Saturday. With the planet Uranus stationing on that day, we may want to hunker in the bunker and just let the erratic energies swirl around us. by Sunday, though, the folks around us may be cranky or confrontational. On cue, a dynamic Sun-Mars trine fires our desire to find positive outlets for increased energy, including (ahem) sexual, and self-confidence.

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