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Weekly Horoscope: August 1-7, 2022

The week kicks off with a bang as assertive Mars collides with radical Uranus, both in Taurus. This volatile pair played disruptor all weekend, shortening tempers and widening conflict gaps. It tends to bring out the pig-headedness in even the most flexible of people. Best way to avoid conflict: hoe your own row and delay contentious discussions until later.

Where you should put in the effort: with this alignment also involving the fateful north node in Taurus, destiny is calling. If you find yourself feeling impatient or frustrated, it could be time to meditate on your highest goals and aspirations and how you might attain them. Quantum leaps are possible!

On Tuesday, we could feel confused about someone or something. And with Mercury, god of clear thinking, making an uncomfortable aspect with obsessive Pluto, risk directing our mental energies in the wrong direction. But with Venus sextiling both Uranus and Mars, helpful people are not far away. A relationship could prove life-altering.

Speaking of relationships, on Wednesday, August 3, Luna enters Libra, the sign for which they are everything. A square to Venus early in the day could spark a conflict between our ideals and day-to-day domestic realities in our rapports. And later the love goddess challenges controlling Pluto, which can spark some confrontations if we’re not careful.

Cooler heads prevail on Thursday, thanks to Mercury’s shift into Virgo, a place it feels very comfortable. For the next three weeks, our thoughts will be easier to channel into a productive groove. And to streamline busy-ness with organization systems. And if we slipped into any unhealthy patterns over the summer, we can now research the best way to get back on track.

The weekend trends favour making the most of festival season, especially those with an artsy vibe. Sociable Venus makes nice with illusionist Neptune, increasing our appreciation of art, especially music, dance and film. The combo also dissolves boundaries, and with both planets in water signs we could get swept away on a wave of romance.

But it’s not all fun and games. On Sunday, Mars in Taurus clashes with task-master Saturn. Sure, we have to be realistic, but why make the reminder so heavy-handed? On the plus side, this pairing can make us very determined and willing to work hard to achieve a goal. On the downside, we may make mountains out of molehills or put in excess and unnecessary effort. Much can be achieved if we’re willing to let go of doing things the same-old way and allow some innovation. And with Saturn in Aquarius, it might be way outside the box.

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