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Weekly Horoscope: April 5-11, 2021

As the old Jamiroquai song goes: “Nowhere to go…..I live this life long…..You know I'm drifting along (drifting along), Can't see where I'm going, I will get to my destination…..”

An impending square between master-of-illusions Neptune and action-star Mars plus the pre-New Moon doldrums makes for a luxuriously indolent week. Try to push through it and you’ll only end up with projects that fail go gel. And people and facts you try to pin down will elude you entirely.

Though non-productive, current energies greatly support any efforts towards self-care and creativity or just plain chilling out. Or to drift into the ether in search of enlightenment. The downside: fraudsters and charlatans come out of the woodwork, so update those passwords and think before you click.

On Monday, April 5, the Moon enters community-minded Aquarius and helps us gai a modicum of objectivity. It forms a helpful aspect, which helps bring some clarity to communications. But it clashes with erratic and uber-restless Uranus in the wee hours of the next day, disturbing sleep for some.

Buoyant energy may get you out of bed early on Wednesday, a Luna has a power breakfast with optimistic, can-do Jupiter at 6:05 am ET. But it immediately goes void of course, which means it acts much like a Mercury retrograde. It’s a good day to play hooky, because you might not have a lot of pep or ambition, even after the Moon enters dreamy Pisces late in the afternoon.

It’s a rare time, with neither the Moon or any other planet making major aspects. The trend carries over into Thursday when Luna makes a helpful sextile to visionary Uranus. This is an optimal day for making a vision board with an eye to creating results that you previously thought were beyond your scope.

A thick fog rolls in on Friday, April 9. Not only is Mars entangled in Neptune’ nebulous web, but the Moon joins in early in the day. Deception or disillusion is one nasty side effect. But it is offset on Saturday when both love-goddess Venus and mental Mercury play nicely with Mars and Jupiter in open-minded Aquarius. Which makes it an optimal day for exploring new territory in romance, finding inventive ways to make virtual contacts more intimate. Creativity, whether in art forms or solution-finding, flourish.

And do start working on that action plan! Because the very next day, April 11 at 10:31 pm ET, a New Moon in self-starter Aries occurs. In a year that seemed to never launch, the following two weeks are optimal for finally getting plans and projects off the ground. The fly in the ointment—and it’s a big one—is a square between Venus and Pluto. This is extremely tense and confrontational. We may have to face some very deep and intense fears about a relationship or our financial situation. Rather than creating drama as a distraction, it’s best to process and make changes, letting love and compassion lead you out of darkness.

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