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Weekly Horoscope: April 3-9, 2023

We’re all in this together—or are we? Trends this week offer a big assist in getting clear on this and other important questions under a Full "Pink" Moon.

On Monday, Luna is in diligent Virgo. However, until midday mental Mercury is offline making it hard to cross tasks off the list. But then the winged planet goes into hardworking Taurus for an extra-long stay. For the next 10 weeks. expect a slowdown in your mental processes.

Perhaps not a bad thing in this gung-ho Aries season! During which our ambitions might over strip our ability to realize them. But all those bright ideas that were popping over the previous cycle can now undergo a feasibility study. This is a good time to plan, taking the financial bottom line into account. Just be authentic in all your words. But don’t drag your heels, because as soon as April 21 Mercury will go into retrograde motion.

Tuesday dawns with Luna still in busy Virgo, but opposing nebulous Neptune. It may be difficult to impossible to stick to plan or be clear about our intentions. The fog gradually clears and then shifts early evening with the Moon’s ingress into affable, sociable Libra.

Wednesday, April 5, is optimal for tackling tasks that require strategy. Saturn lends a stabilizing influence to Mercury and, being in Pisces, does so very subtly. But there is nothing subtle about the rest of the energies present in advance of Thursday’s dynamic Full Moon at 12:34 am ET.

In the sign of Libra, this Full “pink” Moon usually highlights harmonious vibes and a yearning for equable and happy relationships. But the Sun side of this duality is teamed with excessive Jupiter. This can unlock exhilarating spontaneity in relationships, especially when it comes close relationships. A next step could turn into a quantum leap!

For everyone, there is a sense of adventure, of fearlessness in relating. And of good fortune coming by giving it a shot. Though with Jupiter goading the Sun, there can be more self interest at play than is healthy. Further discussion may be required.

On Friday, the Moon enters Scorpio and makes nice with Mars and Saturn. We can use our intuition to guide us, especially when it comes to work. We are especially quick to pick up non-verbal cues. This Moon placement always brings a desire to fuse more deeply with another. And with Venus aligning with spiritual Neptune soul connections are possible.

Luna runs into disruptive influences on Saturday, April 8. It opposes Uranus in the morning, which could throw a monkey wrench into holiday weekend plans. Even though it’s difficult, try to stay flexible and roll with it.

The mood brightens considerably on Sunday as Luna enters upbeat Sagittarius. We may be impatient with any family obligations, though, as this freewheeling sign brings a desire to wander. But if we’re flexible, we can keep other folks happy and also enjoy some of the bright and bold energy.

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