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Weekly Horoscope: April 20 - 26, 2020

Awake! This week’s New Moon brings an overwhelming desire to release the pause button. But what then? Some eye-opening surprises lie in store....

The week begins with a dynamic and feisty Moon in Aries. Monday and Tuesday are also under the aegis of the Sun in stolid Taurus locking horns with progressive Saturn, though.

In the Canadian House of Commons, the Conservative (Taurus) opposition is blocking a move to have virtual sittings (Aquarius). In the US, it looks like the White House and state governors are in for some showdowns over loosening of restrictions, too.

In our own work or family situations we may run into similar frustrating and polarizing problems. Fortunately, it is only two days until the start of a fresh cycle.

On Wednesday, April 22, the New Moon in Taurus occurs at 10:26 pm ET. Coincidentally and appropriately for this Earth sign, that is also Earth Day. This lunation is conjunct the planet Uranus, so we can no longer ignore the progressive nature of this sign—paradoxically, given its ultra-conservative rep. It will also prove that when it comes to creative ways to share our talents, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Embracing a cause out to save Mother Earth might be one. It's also a sign that likes to make things, preferably something hands-on. And it’s even better if it’s edible; witness the current mania for baking bread. But maybe instead of staying home and making facemasks (Taurus), it is time to join or organize a communal group to share and distribute them (Uranus). Or direct the sign’s love of hoarding away from toilet paper and hair dye. Or it might be a good time to use the book collection to start a neighborhood free library to replace the public ones that are closed.

Taurus also has a unique gift for being both pleasure-loving and sensible. As in it is possible to live the good life without breaking the bank. Simple pleasures are its specialty—the healing aroma of fresh-baked cookies or daffodils in bloom, the comforting feel of a warm bath or the sun’s rays, the touch (perhaps virtual) of someone reaching out to say they care…. You get the drift.

This lunation can also help us shake some of the fear surrounding our personal bottom line. We now may find unexpected support if we need to seek government funding, re-negotiate, or defer a loan payment. Good things happen to those who think like a disruptor: someone who has a creative outside-the box approach aimed at the greater good. And who seize the day while also looking to a brighter future. And things can happen swiftly, given Uranus’ tendency to create quantum leaps.

On Saturday, April 25, small but mighty Pluto begins to go in retrograde motion. We now have a five-month timeout in which to ponder the life-altering changes it has brought of late—including the pandemic. Some astrologers think we might see an easing of the situation until it goes direct again in the fall (more on this in a separate report).

The big shakeup continues until Sunday when the Sun exactly conjoins disruptor Uranus. All week long, it’s best to expect the unexpected as the atmosphere is charged with unanticipated change. The urge to push the boundaries of our personal comfort zones is overwhelming as well. We want outta here! Fortunately, the creative potential of this cycle also helps us get the feeling while staying safe.

{art by Lori Menna of @cosmiccollage}

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