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Weekly Horoscope: April 18-24, 2022

We’re thinking and living outside the box as a breath of fresh air buoys our spirits and balmy Taurus season begins.

The week may get off to a rocky start, though. Monday sees the ego-driven Sun squaring off with power-player Pluto. It brings intense emotions and a strong tendency to overreact to the smallest slight or opposition. Both planets are in right-fighting cardinal signs, triggering a sense of outrage. Fortunately, mental Mercury joins forces with ingenious Uranus the same day. Both are in sensible and solution-oriented Taurus, too. we can find creative ways to gain more freedom without completely upsetting the applecart.

The Sun slides into easy-going Taurus on Tuesday for a month-long stay. While in Aries, it was all about action and originality. Now, it’s about building stability and finding some ease. And room in our lives for the things and people we love; time to send out some invites. Along the way, we’ll find it more important to indulge in the things that thrill our senses. And to realize it won’t get done in a day, so slow down, stop to smell the daffodils, and enjoy the process.

On Wednesday, April 20, the Moon in philosophical Sagittarius clashes with nebulous Neptune. What (or who) can we really believe? Haters and negative types abound, and someone may go out of their way to plant the seeds of disillusionment. Later in the day, the Moon squares off with Jupiter prompting us to overstate our case. We may have to remind ourselves to that others’ opinions matter, too.

The mood shifts dramatically on Thursday. The Moon in industrious Capricorn urges us to roll up our sleeves and get ‘er done. It forges positive alliances with the Sun (purpose), Mars (action) and Uranus (invention) along the way, adding to the productive climate. The trend continues into Friday. But this time the allies are Venus (love and enjoyment) and Neptune and Jupiter, both of which are spiritually attuned. It’s a banner day for creative or spiritual pursuits and for making soulful connections.

The weekend outlook is more social, as Luna embraces gregarious Aquarius. This is a quarter Moon, a kind of checkpoint. Are you around people with whom you feel you can really be yourself? Who are as open-minded and tolerant as you are? If not, it might be time to find a new crew. Or better yet, be the one who instigates.

On Sunday, Mercury squares Saturn, making it easier to see the dark side of things. If things look gloomy, it may just mean we need to adjust our thinking and make a better plan. A helpful sextile to Neptune at the same time helps us to take the long view and keep the faith. And forgive ourselves and move on.

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