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Weekly Horoscope: April 17-23, 2023

It’s make-or-break time and the atmosphere is electric, charged by Thursday’s potent gamechanger eclipse. But with Mercury turning retrograde as well, the launch date may be postponed.

I find there’s a kind of profound hush that sets in before an eclipse. It’s as if we instinctively know big changes are afoot—if only we knew what they were! My usual advice: embrace the void. Be vigilant and note anything that is calling for your attention and note it down for later analysis. Avoid making important decisions, if possible.

On Monday, we find it much easier to go with the flow than usual, thanks to a fluid Moon in Pisces. Time spent in contemplation could yield illuminating insights. The day-to-day grind may get us down, though.

Tuesday is more dynamic with Luna’s shift into go-getter Aries. Around the dinner hour, though, it clashes with overly sensitive Mars in Cancer. We may overreact to imagined slights. Words can be wounding.

On Wednesday, the Moon conjoins jubilant Jupiter midday. Remember last Thursday? Was there some kind of breakthrough, a burst of optimism about the future? There could be a replay now. And take note of any developments because everything that strikes your awareness before tomorrow’s eclipse is significant.

Yes, Thursday, April 20 at 12:13 am ET we get a rare second New Moon in Aries in the same month. But this one is a solar eclipse—the first in this sign since 2015—making it a hyper-intense. If ever there was a chance to turbocharge your trajectory, this is it. It also kicks off a new eclipse series on the Aries-Libra axis.

This is a total eclipse, though not viewable everywhere. To thine own self be true might be the theme. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the birth of dynamic new energy of enlightened self-interest. For it is only when you know yourself that you can truly find your place in the world. And a square to powermonger Pluto, newly in community-oriented Aquarius, means we may have to dig deep to plant our flag as part of the wider collective.

Just after the eclipse, the Sun shifts into tranquil Taurus for a four-week stay, and Moon for a two-day visit. Mind you, Friday gets off with a bang, thanks to Luna’s encounter with erratic Uranus. the day is unlikely to go as planned, especially as Mercury turns retrograde then. Review, refine, revisit but try to defer new projects and important decisions or document signings until after 20th or so.

By the weekend, we may all crave some R&R in the laid-back Bull’s pasture. On Saturday, the Moon enters communicative Gemini, so we will seek twin souls with whom to share our thoughts. A trine to Pluto in forward-thinking Aquarius adds depth to conversations early in the day. By afternoon, though, Luna squares restrictive Saturn and so duties and chores may claim us. The mood lifts considerably on Sunday when a lighthearted trend prevails. A supportive sextile between Mercury and active Mars further assists productive conversations, especially around home affairs and financial matters.

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