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Weekly Horoscope: April 13-19, 2020

“Who’s in charge?” becomes the question of the week. And how we answer it could have far-reaching consequences. And lead to choices that will create a brighter future.

The week of April 13 begins with the Moon in industrious and ambitious Capricorn. Aspects support creative solutions that lead to worldly success.

But in the background, the Sun is advancing to square off with two of the solar systems power-players: On Tuesday, with controlling Pluto and Wednesday with excessive Jupiter. Both are travelling in tandem, and their exact conjunction earlier this month.

We likely will see power struggles on a large scale, as government officials (Capricorn) trying to implement stricter measures towards containing the pandemic. At the same time, there could be push-back from people chafing at the restrictions. And thinking they know better than anyone else (Jupiter); already wild-eyed conspiracy theories are emerging.

This is a pivotal week in the current cycle. Best use of the energy: Take charge of what you can control and plan for the future.

All this Capricorn energy can help us be strategic; this sign knows how to plan beyond tomorrow’s trip to the supermarket. And it’s a survivor. Even if you’re forced to collect government assistance, we still can look to a time when this, too, shall pass. And in the meantime, use the sign’s ambition and entrepreneurship. We’ve all learned a new online conferencing chop or two of late. Who knows? Maybe you have a new and highly marketable skill just screaming to get out.

On Wednesday, April 15, the Moon moves into Aquarius. This detached and far-looking sign could help us emotionally unplug from current challenges. And help find creative, outside-the-box solutions. Taking the first step towards addressing them will help quell the fear that the Capricorn convergence brings.

Thursday’s outlook is much the same. Mid-day Friday, Luna drifts into dreamy Pisces, making us more sensitive to emotional undercurrents. And to seeking some release from worldly cares. Mercury in enterprising Aries makes nice with both Venus and Mars through the weekend. This makes it an optimal time for opening new lines of communication in all types of relationships, especially our primary one.

Everybody take a deep breath, then stop and smell the daffodils. Because on Sunday, April 19, at 10:45 am the Sun settles into sensible and sensual Taurus. If we didn’t already get the message about the value of simple pleasures, we now have 28 days in which to embrace it. This is a sign that is quite content to shelter in place and knows how to self-soothe; it never met a double-chocolate cake or other comfort food it didn’t like. And, being the thriftiest of signs, can indulge within the smallest budget.

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