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Weekly Horoscope: April 11-17, 2022

Can’t we all get along? In a week that culminates with an ultra-dramatic Full Moon, we seek answers on all levels.

Dreamweavers unite! We’re building utopian castles in the air as optimistic Jupiter unites with mystical Neptune. But when can we move in?

It’s a rainy Monday, at least metaphorically, with ultra-realist Saturn square the nodal axis. Most of the day the Moon in Leo helps us keep a sunny disposish, but by day’s end succumbs to the sombre mood.

Spending time with our interior landscape is strongly advised. Because on Tuesday one of the most significant aspects of the year occurs, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. It’s their first such meetup in 13 years and the first in Pisces, the sign they both co-rule, since 1856. Neptune is all about the great sea of the subconscious and mystical realms. Jupiter is about making higher ideals take form on terra firma.

This aspect can put new wind in our sails spiritually and creatively, and buoy us with fresh optimism and deep insights. Compassion is also heightened, making humanitarian efforts flourish. A supportive sextile between the Sun and Saturn the same day helps us to make it real.

Love goddess Venus is also in the sign of the Fish, amplifying the urge towards self-sacrifice in all our rapports. Our limits might be tested on Wednesday, as she forms a tense relationship with the Sun. Setting firm boundaries may be in order.

Luna is still in Virgo’s hardworking ballpark on Thursday. The fast pace of working life may irritate, as we want to pay more attention to our interior life. Going with the flow will get that much easier soon, as at 11:06 pm action planet Mars exits Aquarius and also takes the plunge into Pisces.

Until May 24, it will lead the way to inner exploration, helping us to work more cooperatively and compassionately. The downside: it will be harder to keep on rigid schedules, so do allow some contingency time.

Relationships top the weekend agenda, as the Moon shifts into partnering Libra. And hits a highly volatile Full Moon phase on Saturday at 2:55 pm ET. Confrontations and power issues are unavoidable now. Balance and fairness seem in short supply. It may be time to cut ties with controlling people or our less-than-healthy relationship patterns. But at least with things coming to a head we can do some spring cleaning and get clear about real needs.

The mood shifts dramatically on Sunday. The Moon moves into deep-feeling and sensual Scorpio and makes nice with amorous Venus. Mercury also snuggles up, helping us to talk through any issues that came up earlier. And Uranus is also involved helping to add innovation and creative solutions to the menage.

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